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Thread: The FWS Pony Club Quilt-Along WK 29 Minnesota & Maud's Album Quilt Discussion Page

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    Central Jersey & Calabash,NC

    The FWS Pony Club Quilt-Along WK 29 Minnesota & Maud's Album Quilt Discussion Page

    Hi Ladies...Weeeeeeek 29...Yikes.. that means for those of you who are up to date should have 58 blocks done and almost ready for the 4th milestone of 60 blocks...realistically...who has all the blocks done????

    I have another letter for you...I think I will add another too.

    Week 17 Harold Bush, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota

    Harold's letter is unusual because he lists so many of his relative's names.
    With such a large group of family living nearby, I was surprised to find how
    much he and his family moved. Harold's father, Charles was born in Illinois and
    his mother, Vivian was born in Iowa. In the 1910 census when Harold was four
    years old, he and his sisters Viola (7 yrs.) and Bessie (6 yrs.), and parents
    were living in South Dakota. Ten years later, the family was living in Kanabec
    County, Minnesota. This, however, is not the same county in Minnesota where he
    won his pony "Early Bird." In the 1930 census we find Harold living as a boarder
    in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. There is also a woman living in the
    same boarding house, by the name of Helen Bush. Harold is married! However, this
    was not the last move for Harold and Helen. I found death records for both of
    the them in Los Angeles, California. Helen passed away in 1982 at the age of 70,
    and Harold was 65 years old at the time of his death in 1971.

    Week 18 Clarence F Busick, Adams County, Indiana

    Today I am going to talk about the sidebar story on page 37 from Clarence
    Busick. I count eleven people in the photograph besides "Roine" the pony. I
    think that I can identify at least half of these people.

    Clarence, born in 1899, appears to be about 11 or 12 years old when this photo
    was taken. I think he is the boy who is closest to "Roine's" head. I believe
    that the four little girls on "Roine" are his younger sisters (he had no
    brothers.) From the oldest to the youngest their names are: Della, Alma, Esther
    and Ruth. There was a fifth sister (no pictured) born seven years after Ruth by
    the name of Helen. It is only a guess, but perhaps his parents, August and Mary
    are in the left of the pictures. I have no way of knowing who the remaining
    three men and one boy are.

    In his letter, Clarence refers to being sick and I am happy to report that he
    did reach adulthood. It is known that he registered for the draft in 1918 for
    World War I, but it is unknown if he served. By the time the 1930 census was
    recorded, he was a married man and father of five children. His wife's name was
    Ilo; and his children were: Zatha, Mary, Zora, Arlo and Ruby. Since at this
    time, Clarence was only about 30 years of age, and his wife 32, there might have
    been many more children. Perhaps I can find them although I must admit I haven't
    figured out how to go about that yet. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Well, I have answered my own question. Clarence and his wife had 11 children,
    and the last and youngest died in 2009. (I'm so sorry I missed them all!) For
    those of you who are interested, here is a link to Clarence's youngest child,
    Treva's obituary.


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    No, I do not have 60 done, but I am working on it...found other issues that interfered with quilting today (nectarines), but tomorrow is another day. And the heat index is supposedly going to be cooler the rest of the week. One day in Des Moines, Iowa, trip may happen this week, when I can turn in my FWQ to a LA quilter up there. Three or four months turn around, they tell me. I lack three blocks, but have this week's and next week's done. Ice cream block, Lucky Star and Jewel is still on the "to do list". Going to look at slashing and corner posts fabric in DM, too. Love to see everyone's blocks.

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    Queensland Australia
    I have all my blocks done to date as I meekly go and hide

    As promised here are the photos of my "new" sewing room, there is still a bit of tweeking as I figure out where I want to display things. I need to buy some baskets for the display unit and the wallhanging is going up on the wall this week. Also lots of discussion on a design wall as I have a whole blank wall to play with. It's not fancy schmancy but I am happy.
    Attached Images Attached Images


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    Jun 2010
    Hartford, Mo
    Wow!! I am green with envy...all that room!! Neat setup indeed!! Very nice, Mirabelle. Looking forward to see how you 'decorate" the creative room. QNS

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    Nov 2011
    mirabelle--nice new space.

    I always try to tidy up my "clubhouse" before starting a new project...of course there are times like right now that I have 3 different ones that I am working on so things are not looking so good. I have a friend coming over Thursday and I *will be* straightening up again before she gets here!

    I am about half way to 60 blocks (29 finished)...it will be a while before I get them all done. Actually I have been doing some figuring; for the two twin-size quilts I will only need about 65 blocks. I will probably make more than that and do some throw pillows with a block on the front and maybe a table topper or wallhanging.

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    Wow, absolutely beautiful!
    If a woman's work is never done....why start?

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    Jun 2010
    Hartford, Mo
    What?? Heat is getting to all of us...thought someone would comment on the "Heads I win, tails you lose" statement; its always a winner and not a whiner, nay!! Ex-Ag teacher in one of our past school jobs played that line with a quarter on all his students in study hall and collected quarters from everyone of them until them finally got the idea it was a no-win situation.

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    Mirabelle - You are our hero!!!!!! You bein' caught up helps us know that we can git 'em done! Nice sewin' room! Thanks so much for the picts & thanks for the encouragement.
    My initials are BB, so dublb is double B.

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    Blog Entries
    mirabelle, your space is so neat and uncluttered. It won't be long and you will have pretty things hanging on the walls
    The calla lilies are gorgeous. I'm not much of a peach person, but I could find a home for that quilt!

    Okay I finally started a thread on Emily's sewing--another reason why there are no blocks from me this week. I know excuses, excuses...

    Gram's joy; teaching a GD to sew
    Don't worry spider.
    I keep house
    I donate quilts to the AAQI.

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    Hi Ladies: it's been a long week and I've fallen behind on PC. My mother passed away peacefully yesterday morning. Today I guess is the calm before the storm-viewing, funeral, etc., start tomorrow. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers.
    If I've learned one thing, and I'd like to share it with all of you: have a Living Will. Please. My mother was unresponsive, not taking fluids since Monday. They wanted to pass a feeding tube and start IV's. Thankfully, she had a Living Will stating HER wishes not to have these things done. Please, please make it easy on your loved ones like she did--state your wishes. Okay, off my soapbox.
    Will be back on the PC trail soon.
    Imagine all the people living life in peace...(John Lennon 1940-1980)

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