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Thread: The fws pony club update photo - discussion - completed page

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    Power Poster QuiltE's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    JanRN and GGal ... great block I really like the reversal of the fabrics. The print would not be one I would think of using and WOW, I just might have to remember that for another time.
    Thanks OKSGlad ... we all needed that!

    OKSGlad ... bet you are getting excited for your big journey! Oh what fun for you and your DSis!

    Honchey ... you can still scream, even though you know it's a must-do! Was thinking of you and your area tonight when they did a feature of Sandy, a year later.

    And now ... some shuteye for me!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    Super Member mirabelle's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Queensland Australia
    Goodnight QuiltE

    Thank you Oksewglad for the hugs, yes we all need a good hug sometimes, when life just seems to get a little difficult.
    I loved your hexie project it is so cute. I sewed the binding on my jelly roll quilt today, tonight might start the hand sewing. I am almost finished quilting the Tweet embroidered quilt, if I have no interruptions (DH) tomorrow I might get it finished and ready for the binding on Monday. (Fingers crossed)
    Have a great day everyone

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    Super Member deranged_damsel's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Right Here
    Good morning!!! ahhhhh it is sooo nice to come up here and get soup from Jan and hugs from Gladie what a wonderful group!

    the new MBs are spectacular! so much thought gone into Bevs from Jan and QuiltE new block looks strikingly familiar to one I just sent out! it is amazing that we think up similar ideas? Carrie on the same brainwave???

    Hugs to Anne, GrannyQ, Nina Sue, Carrie and dear Anael! and anyone else who needs it!!! may you all feel better SOON.

    I have been quite busy with other projects, knitting and crochet, with sisters requests for a Shrug... because I was making one for me! and one of them saw it, so I started one for her... then a different sis saw that one... and wants one... I have FIVE requests right now and mine isnt even DONE :P and Im planning on knitting a hat for littlest brother too

    Oh well!

    Have a GOOD weekend ladies!
    Candace is Deranged
    so many babies.. sew little quilts

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    Super Member janRN's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    western Pa
    Just got caught up on the posts. All I can say is, I agree with OK--a group hug is in order!! Last year was a horrible year for me and you all rallied around and got me through it. For all you facing health, family, and other issues, please count on this group to get you through--it's amazing how much we know and care about each other.

    I have to catch yinz up on my work situation. Found out that the last employee (the one who stole prescription pads) has been arrested along with her sleaze of a boyfriend. Still don't know how many rx's she wrote, sold, used or whatever but also found out she's a heroin addict and the day she called off work because she went to the Emergency Room with "a really bad cold" she was actually taken there by police because of a heroin overdose. My office manager and I have been nurses for over 40 years each, doc has been in practice for at least that long and we didn't know!! We're kicking ourselves and feeling stupid because looking back, we missed so many signs in the 3 weeks she was with us. Now we see what she was doing when she went out to her car or was in the bathroom for a long time. But the thing is, her last employer gave her good references. Did she fool them, too?

    Good news (I think) is that we hired someone to start Monday. I got to interview her, too, and she had no visible tattoos, no visible body piercings, and no visible needle tracks on her arms (I looked!!!). Now, to hold our breaths and hope she works out and I can go back to semi-retirement. I like the pay checks (I call them "big girl paychecks" LOL) but I haven't had time to spend them. Look out LQS's if she does work out--I see a major FART and boost to the economy and my stash coming!!!

    Have a great week-end and take care of yourselves. Do something you enjoy just for you!
    Imagine all the people living life in peace...(John Lennon 1940-1980)

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    Super Member Honchey's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Central Jersey & Calabash,NC
    D_D, What does your shrug look like??

    Love all the HUGS sent...We all gather round don't we. I'm resigned to the fact that the surgery needs to be done..it's just a matter of when...Off to the post office for me..The MB is done!! Sorry to the recipient its' going to be late!!!

    I hope everyone has a good weekend...

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    Super Member Anael's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    The Netherlands
    Hi my dear friends!!!
    QuiltE, thanks for posting my message.
    I'm back, at least for a while. I've been very sick this past week as you all know. Sunday afternoon they put a drain in my right kidney and from there things went very bad and Sunday night I was rushed to the ICU. But I survived, and now I'm home, recuperating and waiting for surgery as my kidney stone is still there It will take a few weeks before I'm back to my old self again.

    Bram is doing very well since he came home yesterday. He's eating, laughing and very happy to be home again. I won't see them in the next few days but I stay in touch with my DS and DDIL on the phone. As soon as I'm able to drive again I will visit them. Can't wait to see them again!

    Thanks all for the group hugs, it is much needed! I read all the posts but I'm not going to respond to every one. I'm sure you all understand.
    I won't be here that much, I'm very tired all the time so most of the day I'm on the couch with PP (aka KK) watching movies. My kids are looking after me, running errands and doing things that need to be done.
    It's good to be back
    Eat, quilt, sleep, repeat

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    Super Member QuiltingNinaSue's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Hartford, Mo
    Busy cleaning house. Tackled the linen closet in my bathroom...four loads of laundry to do....have done two of them. Dh came in and vacuumed the closet out thoroughly. Now to fold up all the extra towels and bed linen...after it dries. And go through the papers as I get time...its on my quilting table so it will have to be dealt with before I quilt again. It will take most of tomorrow to finish washing, folding and putting everything ba. 'Tis looking good, smells cleaner now, too! That Rainbow vacuum makes the air smell soooo much better.

    NEMO computer/telephone tech came out on a Saturday afternoon and replaced the modem so the signal is coming in stronger and better now. Been trying to tell that to the guys the last five times they were here...Nick left convinced when he seen how things were working better.Appreciated him fixing it today.

    Since the laundry is not trained to fold itself, I had better change loads in the washer/dryer and fold towels. And bed linen. Down sizing in house area (less bathrooms) and family sure leaves a surplus of towels and linen.

    Thanks everyone for the BIG HUG; it helps one feel better. Enjoy your trip, OKsewGlad. Maybe you should check Friday's mail again.

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    Super Member QuiltingNinaSue's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Hartford, Mo
    Welcome back, Anael, its good to hear from you. Rest is the main thing you need to do. Kidney stones are not fun.

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    Nov 2011
    Some great MBs coming in. I got mine one in the mail today from Dublb...thanks!!! Lots of pretty batiks!

    Also here is the link to my son's quilt finished at my retreat: 2013 UFO Challenge of the Month

    Thanks for the hugs and hugs back to you all!! We split firewood this morning and I let DS do the heavy lifting. Then I iced my shoulder right away. Not too terrible this afternoon...about time for more ibuprofen though. I've had elbow pain on and off for years so figure I'll just do what I want to as long as it isn't too painful on the shoulder...of course both areas of pain are on the right side, so that limits me some.
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    Super Member JeanieG's Avatar
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    Camarillo, CA
    Anael - so glad you are back, do take care of yourself! Goodness, you ended up in ICU- how scary for you! Did they ever find out what was wrong with Bram? I'm so glad he is home and eating well again.

    Carrie - What a great boy quilt you made for your son. Dublb made a great block for you!
    "You have enough quilts made when your soul is filled, your creativity satisfied and your fingers just won't work anymore."

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