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Thread: Judy's 3rd MYSTERY QUILT train ride

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    SunlitenSmiles, Those quilts are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm getting antsy now for the first cut. We should all go to the dining car and play with fabric!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SunlitenSmiles View Post

    the quilts from the sewing bee (where I was yesterday) are posted on the intro site, if anyone wants to see them.

    now to search through the stash again...I have a new idea, will see if the fabrics co-operate.

    Gorgeous quilts! I'm rethinking my choices, too, and will probably go to the LQS after the visit to the doctor. I'm always POed after I visit with her, so will soothe my frazzled nerves.
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    My choices

    I've decided to hop on board for this exciting ride, never having done a mystery quilt before. These are my fabric choices; last 3 quilts I made were PINK, so this is very different.
    Having terrible time posting pic from IPad ! Help!!
    looks like it worked but don't know how! The last fabric on the right could be an alternative for ABC or D. What do you think?
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Went to buy fabrics for this. Picked out the first fabric then spent sooo much time picking out the rest. Well wouldn't you know it, there was not enough of the first fabric to use. And they had no more. Had to redo my choices. Drats!! But now that I look at the ones I ended up with, I think I will like these better. Just hope I don't DERAIL again along the ride.

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    Pretty fabrics, Y C Q
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    Judy, had to let you know that I am using your pattern. Have a quick wedding gift to make, their kitchen stuff is all black and red. Okay bought them some stuff and got the pattern out from last mystery so sewing like crazy on a black, red and gray.....Nice to be able to use it again and wanted to let you know it's going much faster this time
    Thanks so much for doing this.

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    just walked through the dining car............. Quilters are sharpening their rotary cutter blades

    'natives are restless tonight' ............ good thing there is more than enough Dark Chocolate for all.

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    after a week of going though all my fabric, I have finally come up with a color combination I feel excellentName:  mystery quilt 3.jpg
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Size:  83.3 KB about

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    It must be close to Halloween or just cold outside, because as I was just going to sit and jot a note to you, a "daddy long legged spider" walked across the screen. How weird!!!

    Irish, you wonderful lady.
    Just tell me where you got the black with white swirls in your second photo. I love the black with the bright white. I cut my second spicy out today - it's from forest green to dark red with a couple lights fabrics in the middle. Tomorrow I will cut the stratas apart and then resew. It will be a Xmas gift for the SIL that we will stay with in Michigan.

    I think I have found a new color palete. A friend agreed that it was "colorful". So will take a picture tomorrow and post.

    In the new Grit magazine there is an ad for quilting. "Carry on the tradition of quilting" Haven't gone to the web site but here it is: www.Grit.com/quiltingpatterns Code: MGRPACB4 It says quilt patterns $4. Will check it out, because I know I can never have enough patterns.

    Also need prayer for a dear friend who was admitted to inpatient today for deep, deep depression. Has been in a very bad place for months - wasn't going inpatient but has now decided it is best. She has an eating disorder also, so it's going to be a long, hard path for her.
    It's not the years in your life that count. It's the LIFE, in your years. (Abe Lincoln)

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