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  1. Four patch with a twist

    by , 06-10-2013 at 06:17 AM (http://californiaquilting.blogsp ot.com/)
    Quote Originally Posted by ranger View Post
    I was googling "4 patch quilts" and found this tute. Some of you may enjoy trying it.

  2. Baby on the way!!!!!!

    by , 04-24-2013 at 06:51 AM (http://californiaquilting.blogsp ot.com/)
    Quote Originally Posted by MamaBear61 View Post
    My daughter made this one and it turned out super cute!

  3. looking for a disaooearing 9 patch

    by , 12-06-2012 at 06:48 AM (http://californiaquilting.blogsp ot.com/)
    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
    Maybe you mean the Two for One Nine Patch? http://annalenaland.com/2010/06/03/t...ne-nine-patch/
  4. Please help! Searching for a Log cabin block

    by , 11-07-2012 at 07:22 AM (http://californiaquilting.blogsp ot.com/)
    Quote Originally Posted by MTS View Post
    Here's the outline of the block.

    Note that the center is 3x as wide as the logs.

    For instance, the center is a 3" square, with 3 rounds of logs. The total FINISHED size is 9".

    I made a boo-boo while drafting it and included an extra round (blacked it out) when, in fact, there is sashing between the logs.

    I was too lazy to change it so the quilt below shows the extra round in each block - that's why there are two lights where the

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