"Rabbit's" Jellyroll quilt tute

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by , 01-16-2011 at 12:40 AM (655 Views)
Start with at least 32 strips (2 1/2" wide) x WOF.

Sew 4 strips together, side by side. Iron all seams in the same direction. Cut the left side to where you have a clean edge to work off of. From that edge cut the strip set into 8" segments. Thie should yeild 5 segments. You will need two segments to make 1 block. Do this with all strip sets.

Pick out 2 segments. Fit them together, 1 on top of the other, with the middle seams lined up. This next step works well on a rotating cutting mat. Center the middle seam in the center of the rotating cutting mat, on the 6" hash mark. Line up your ruler on the 2" mark on the top and the 10" mark on the bottom. Trim the segments even. Rotate the board now so the bottom is at the top. Trim on the same 2" and 10" hash marks. This will square up the segments to 8" square. Rotate the cutting mat again so that you can cut the square into two trangles.

Take the two triagles and turn them so that the points are facing each other. Take the top from each and place it 1/4 turn to the empty space next to the triangle. This will make your block. I turn the block so that I am looking at a triangle. Take the top left section and match it to the bottom left section. Sew it from the center out. You will have bias edges so it is important not to pull the material. Repeat this process with the right side.

Iron these strip sets. Match up the sets at the center of each, you should be able to nest your seams in the middle. Keeping the seams nested, sew from one edge to the other. Again, trim your block to a square 10" block. This will get rid of the points that are sticking out at the corners. Sash between the blocks and border. Enjoy.

Finished Quilt

Close up of Block with sashing

Quilt and the backing used

Chris in Searcy
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