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by , 06-13-2012 at 05:36 PM (1098 Views)
Today was another pretty good quilty day. I finished my June Hello Sun BOM. Yep, another WIP, DONE. Now, I can't wait to see what the block is for July. I wonder what the finishing will be?

I finished cutting my background squares and some batting for my Halloween Crazy Quilt.

I worked on cutting my fabric for my July doll quilt. And, that is going very well. I'm hoping to get a jump on starting to piece my little DQ before the end of the month of June.

I have Mays DQ and my needlebook swap projects all finished and I need to get them ready to mail out by Friday.

So, I'm feeling pretty good.
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    Hi, I'm going to keep this post short. I want to try to see if I can keep my posts consecutive by running my posts in the comment section.

    Here is part of what I worked on today. Step 1 for my July Doll Quilt. The sign ups for July have not been posted yet. I'm just trying to get a head start.

    If your interested in joining in, Just go to the home page and look for it in the Member swaps area.
  2. Judith1005's Avatar
    Yes, I figured out how this will work. LOL Hi Phyllis Su, Awesome to see you around the quilt board. Hope you'll come around the doll quilt swap and share some of your doll quilts. They are so much fun to make. "little works of art". It's funny what will trigger a memory. Welcome to the Quilt Board.
  3. Deecee's Avatar
    Hi Judith - I don't usually wander around the blogs (just visit with Grann) but something caught my eye and here I am.

    I have just had a stroll around your albums. Loads of great stuff you have been doing. Love all the BOMs too. I did the House BOM on here last year but have not put them together yet. I have also been collecting the Henrietta Whiskers BOM for possible future use (I was thinking of substituting a rabbit for the squirrel seeing we don't have them here) and I think I will check out those cute Birdie Stitches.

    Glad to hear Cocoa's problems are more or less sorted. My furbabies are waiting to be fed, so I had better get off this computer and do that. Catch you later.
  4. Judith1005's Avatar
    Hi DeeCee, Thanks for coming by to say Hello. I love Rabbits. My kids had rabbits when they were younger. I think that would be a very nice substitution for the squirrel. I'm still collecting fabric for the Henrietta Whiskers quilt. I don't quite have the same urgency on this quilt. It was supposed to be for my dad. But, he passed away before I could collect all the necessary materials. He loved squirrels. Used to feed them all the time. I posted my individual blocks for the Birdie Stitches to make it easier to see. I'm hoping that will get finished before the end of the year.

    Today I made progress on my 4th of July mini. I completed step 2. Cut all the twister pieces. And step 3, sew them back all together. Can you tell, lol, it's getting smaller and smaller. I used the 2 1/4" Twister tool.

    I still have a couple more steps before this mini is complete.

    I didn't work on my Halloween crazy blocks today. And I only had 2 blocks left before I finished row 1. Oh well, I will get to them next week.

    I have to work this weekend. But, I will come by to say hello tomorrow. Yall have a great weekend.
  5. Deecee's Avatar
    Love your mini twister Judith. I have only done one twister, which is the Christmas wreath - still waiting to be sandwiched. I made the template using NP3's instructions - you can make it up in any size.

    Shame your Dad passed before your H.W. was done. I haven't done any more than collect the patterns - thought it might be nice for one of the Gkids at some stage.

    Have a good weekend - even if you are working. Do you work during the week as well?
  6. Judith1005's Avatar
    Hi DeeCee, At some point, I will finish that quilt. It's a very nice memory. Hmmm, maybe my mom would like to help me. We could make it together for her. She loves those colors. And her hand applique is beautiful. Have to keep that in mind. Right now, she is making a cross stitch christmas stocking for my daughters baby boy to be. (Oct.)

    I have way too much time on my hands. I'm between jobs right now. So, I work for a friend weekends only. Keeps some cash coming in. It should be a good weekend anyway. It's pleasant working conditions and really close to my house. Less then 5 minutes. I will continue to work for her even when I find something more permanent. Who doesn't need some extra cash in savings.

    You have a good weekent DeeCee!
  7. Judith1005's Avatar
    My June DQ partner received her mini. So, now I can post a picture. I called it "Summer in the Round". I used 12 summer themed fabrics for my geese(paper piecing). I had so many happy memories of summer working on this little mini.

    And, I thought I would share my Hello Sun BOM. I have all 6 blocks finished. And I can't wait till next months block comes out. These are so much fun to do.
  8. Judith1005's Avatar
    I got my Patriotic DQ bordered and layered for quilting yesterday and the background squares cut for a block swap group i'm in also. And I also finished the first row of my Halloween crazy quilt. Yep, I'm on a roll. Orrrr, so I thought.
    Didn't get much done today. I was trying to figure out how to download embroidery patterns to my computer card ALLL Day. I got them transfered. Well almost all of them. But, I really don't have ANY idea how I did it. So, I'm going to work with the ones that are on it for now and take a break from trying to figure it out. I really want to get some sewing done.!

    But, I'm going to start doing some research here on the QB about the embroidery machine my mom has. I know, I'm missing something simple. I just need to figure out what. See, I'm obsessed with this. lol, It's a new toy.....

    I got the book I ordered today. That was a nice suprise. I've borrowed it from the library several times. I just figured I would borrow it again. It has some great block in it that are great for swaps. Better Homes and Gardens 505 Quilt Blocks, Plus 36 beautiful projects to make. I got a great deal for it on Amazon.

    I hope yall are having a Great week and creating beautiful things when you can!

  9. Deecee's Avatar
    Hi Judith, You sure seem to be involved in a multitude of different projects.

    I will be interested to hear what you think of the 505 Quilt Blocks book. I'm wondering if it has some good, slightly less than traditional, log cabin layouts apart from the more novelty type blocks.

    I noticed on the other thread that you were interested in AOTH. I am on my 5th block. I did start with the others but life got in the way over the past 12 months. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.
  10. Judith1005's Avatar
    Hi DeeCee, Yes, I'm trying to get my UFO's done. I'm involved in a Block Swap and I'm also involved in the doll quilt swap. And, I'm going to be a new grandma in October. So, yes, I do have a ton of stuff going on. Wouldn't want to get bored, right(eyeroll, lol)?.

    I love the 505 Quilt Blocks Book. I've borrowed it probably about 5 times already from the library. I think it has some great blocks for swapping. Not so much on log cabins tho.

    Oh yes, I think the AOTH blocks are beautiful. And, I'm really starting to get into applique. So, I'm trying to get a handle on my UFO's. So, that I can start some new projects and focus on them. I love your crazy blocks also!!! I'd love to do another small crazy quilt for myself. I'm working on a halloween crazy quilt for my son. I started it about a year ago. So, I'm working on quilting that also. Are you posting your blocks on that thread? I will have to go have another look there. Have a good day DeeCee. Try to stay warm.
  11. Deecee's Avatar
    I have posted blocks 8, 9, 10, 11 on the appropriate AOTH threads when I first finished them so they would be there somewhere.

    I am trying very hard to stay warm and dry - only succeeding half the time.
  12. Judith1005's Avatar
    Hi everybody, Well, it's Friday again. Time to fess up. I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to this week. I did finish the third set of my swap blocks for a woman's favorite things. The first set, I used a vintage panel and pieced a border. The second set, I used coffee material I've been hoarding. It is one of my favorite memories, having girly coffee with my daughter while we got pedi's. And, the third set, I appliqued hats. 2 different styles. I love hats. And, next week, it's on to the fourth set. I kinda know what I want to do for those also. I'm thinking cell phones. How I communicate with my two favorite people on the planet. My children. Well, tomorrow and Sunday is a work day. So, no quilting tomorrow. But, that's ok. Money's good. Next week also, I will be making a trip to the quilt store, I need some black fabric for the border on my crazy quilt. And, maybe a pretty fat quarter or two. So, yall have a good quilty weekend.
  13. Judith1005's Avatar
    Hi everybody, I hope you all are having a good quilty weekend or a weekend spent relaxing. Today was good. I work weekends. So, no quilting or sewing today. But, it was still a good day. Just busy enough to make the time go by. And, I got to download a bunch of new podcasts to listen to next week while I was there.

    Do any of you listen to podcasts? It's like a radio show on quilting. I have recently discovered them and love listening to them.A couple of my favorites are.....
    Katie's Quilting Corner(This one is my absolute favorite.), Hip to be a Square, Sew Stitch Create, Quilted Cupcake and a new one I just downloaded, Within a Quarter Inch.
    Have a good Sunday! And, I will too.
    See you soon.
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  14. Judith1005's Avatar
    This week has been a pretty good week. I went fabric shopping with mom. I got some Black and white Kona Cotton fabric and two... half yard cuts of magenta and yellow gold solids. Thats it, it was a light fabric day. I got the black for my Halloween quilt and the white for my stash (I like to hand embroider.) and the other two solids I got for my August doll quilt swap. (Maybe, I'm not sure If I'm going to sign up for August yet.) But, I am definitely going along with the August theme. Solids/Amish like. I have been wanting to work with solids forever. And this is a fun way to try something small scale. I am loving Krystyna's theme's.

    I finished machine embroidery work on 11 of my crazy halloween blocks. These are addicting. I'm going to have to force myself to find a stopping place, so I don't go overboard and do to much.

    I am moving along on my July "Patriotic" doll quilt. It is still sitting ready to be quilted. But, I am working on the suprise to go along with it. I hope I get a partner that posts to the board more in July. It's more fun to get to know your partner. I am still waiting for my June doll quilt. I hope my partner has been doing ok.

    I'm thinking my suprise for July is coming along nicely.

    I changed my mind on what block I'm going to finish up with for "A Woman's Favorite Things" swap blocks. I finally found a 9 1/2 in sq block pattern for a Churn and Dash block. (It's one of my favorite blocks.) And, I found this great focus fabric on equlter.com. So, I will be able to start the last set next week.

    Well, that's all for now. Yall have a really good weekend. I will be thinking of yall. I will be working this weekend. Have to have some way to feed my fabric habit. (Hugh GRIN, lol)
  15. Judith1005's Avatar
    My fabric order came in. Yeah!! I can't wait for next week. I get to work on my blocks andddd my July doll quilt. Very tired today. I didn't sleep well last night. Going to bed soon.

    See you soon....
  16. Judith1005's Avatar
    Oh, I forgot to tell you....I figured out HOW to get the patterns on my blank embroidery card. Oh yeah. It is major fun. I have discovered that mom's machine does better on the outline embroidery patterns. (As opposed to the patterns that have many color changes.) Thats ok, I can work with that. She has the Brother Embroidery Machine SE 270D, (PES Format). It's not a super elaborate machine, but, it really is fun to play with. And mom is super good about sharing.

    I got my focus fabric yesterday. The print is a little bit bigger then I expected. But, I can enlarge my block to make it work. (I just have to find a new pattern.) Which I will. This is going to be great. It's also my last set of blocks for the Woman's Favorite Things block swap. It's always a little bit of a let down to be done and finished with a swap.

    Upside, I think I'm going to join the crazy valentines swap blocks. Last year I joined the Valentine Swap, but, because it was my first swap, I only did 2 sets. So, I need a few more blocks to work with. I'm a lucky girl to be able to join again.
  17. Judith1005's Avatar
    I was going to post my picture of my valentine blocks. But, they are not showing the right size. I will have to retake the photo. And then post.
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  18. Judith1005's Avatar
    Happy 4th of July!! I hope you had a safe day spent with family and friends.
    Today was a pretty good quilty day. Just spent the day at home with mom and the furr babies. Trying to avoid the heat. I have almost finished my little doll quilt for the July doll quilt exchange. I only have the label to add to it tomorrow. Quilting and binding are all finished today. I transferred my design onto 4 blocks (so far) for the Funky Valentine Swap. And, I fixed and finished one mug rug. (One more to go.) So, yeah, I kind of procrastinated a little today also. But, all in all, not a bad day.
  19. Judith1005's Avatar
    I finished my July doll quilt. It's bound, and labeled. I also finished one of my suprises to go with it too. I finished so early that I decided to add one more little suprise to go with it.

    I took a few days off. Just felt very unmotivated. The air conditioner at the house broke for a few days right in the middle of a heat wave. But, thankfully, it is fixed and we are moving in to the 80's for a few days. And, we have AIR!! Yeah!!!

    I need to get my last set of swap blocks done. I have everything cut out and ready to go. So, hope the get those finished up tomorrow. I also need to finish a patriotic mug rug and get it out to my swap partner. I also joined another swap block group. So, I've started a set of pretty valentines also. I do like these block swaps. (So what if you get a few more UFO's. The more the merrier.

    I received my June DQ from Birdlady today. It's beautiful. It has a pretty eyelet border. I know she worked very hard on it in at very trying time for her. This little gem is very special.
  20. Judith1005's Avatar
    I think I'm becoming addicted to machine embroidery. (picture, label 4 July DQ)
    I only have a 4 x 4 hoop size.
    I also enjoy hand embroidery also. (picture, pretty valentine swap blocks)
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