1. Izy's Uneven Log Cabin Tute!!

    by , 11-05-2015 at 03:46 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Izy View Post
    As requested by so many of you..

    A tutorial showing you how to make the blocks in my quilt!

    I hope this is of use to you, if you need any more pointers please let me know :lol:

    Just click on 'download' below the picture :-D
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  2. Squares that play well together

    by , 11-02-2015 at 05:30 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by quilting cat View Post
    The following are sizes that are compatible in piecing:
    2, 3 1/2, 5, 6 1/2, 9 1/2
    Two 2's make a 3 1/2, three make a 5; two 3 1/2's make a 6 1/2, three make a 9 1/2; two 5's make a 9 1/2.
    2 1/2, 4 1/2, 6 1/2, 8 1/2, . . . (Combinations are more obvious.)
    3, 5 1/2, 8, 10 1/2
    Two 3's make a 5 1/2, three make an 8, four make a 10 1/2; two 5 1/2's make a 10 1/2; a 5 1/2 plus a pair of 3's makes an 8 in one direction only.
  3. need your help

    by , 11-02-2015 at 05:25 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by tubsfam View Post
    ok quilters, looking for fast and easy ( by that I mean not tons of pieces) pattern that I can complete by Christmas for my DD. Need queen size. Would be grateful for your ideas.

    Thanks Marie
  4. Hobbs Heirloom Batting

    by , 10-28-2015 at 10:29 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyPuppy View Post
    I have used Warm and Natural, Warm and White, and Quilter's Dream batting. I am looking for something slightly thicker. What is the loft of Hobbs Heirloom 80 20?

    Also, how is the texture of it in the quilt and how does it wash up?

    I thought about wool batting, but it can be expensive. Thank you in advance!
  5. Farms and Sunflowers -- A Simple Quilt

    by , 10-26-2015 at 12:18 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Daylesewblessed View Post
    I cut, Mom pieced, my sister did the layout, I quilted and did the binding. This quilt features farmyard scenes and sunflowers. The farmyard scenes were fussy cut, and the sunflowers and check pieces were from remnants. The finished quilt is about 48" x 62".

    The pattern is free from Shannon Studio Cuddle Collection ( and is called "Menagerie." It was featured in an older issue of Fons and Porter. Since I was dealing with remnants, my selection
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  6. My latest baby quilt.

    by , 10-26-2015 at 12:13 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by TerryQuilter View Post
    Name:  PICT0269.JPG
Views: 1137
Size:  749.8 KBName:  PICT0270.JPG
Views: 1140
Size:  755.9 KBName:  PICT0271.JPG
Views: 1129
Size:  733.2 KBMade this quilt out of some orphan blocks that I had, I think it turned out pretty nice. Really like the back with the wonky looking blocks and love the label (thanks Dawn).
  7. Sandwiching quilts

    by , 10-06-2015 at 05:32 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Renfro View Post
    I would like some suggestions on how other folks sandwich their quilt top, batting and backing. I always manage to get a few wrinkles and that frustrates me, so I know there has to be easier way to do this. I'm too old to crawl around on the floor anymore, so any helpful hints, suggestions would be appreciated!
  8. Basic Block for "Thinking outside the Block"

    by , 09-24-2015 at 11:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by moreland View Post
    I took a couple of pictures that I think will help people understand what I mean by "Quarter Log Cabin Block". With this block and picture to follow, you can put together a quilt like this without a real pattern. However if you want a commercial pattern, it is available from: Pattern # 29420

    Hope this helps everyone whose been asking for more information. Glad you all have enjoyed my quilt. I will attach a copy of it as well so
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  9. DP9 on Point

    by , 09-13-2015 at 04:45 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Snooze2978 View Post
    Hello! Awhile back someone showed up their DP9 on point and I fell in love with it. I was at the point of putting my blocks together too but decided to change to "on point". So this quilt came together thanks to you all showing us new ways of arranging simple blocks. This was my 1st DP9 too. Hopefully the colors will come over true. Its a beige background, blues and browns blocks with solid black as the coins. I also found a backing with a black background and lots of bicycles.
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  10. Man did I hit it big , But also sad about it.

    by , 09-08-2015 at 05:46 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by ManiacQuilter2 View Post
    If you are overwhelm with too many tops, this charity does finish quilts and donate them to areas where the quilts would be appreciated after a disaster.

    Quilts of Compassion
    PO Box 350296
    Toledo OH 43635

    Janice Grimes

    PM me if you want her email. I am not comfortable in posting it online.
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