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by , 03-14-2017 at 02:07 PM (83 Views)
Several years ago (5+ yrs), I purchased a quilt magazine because of the beautiful quilt on the cover. I started the quilt (with the exact colours as the magazine) and shortly after I had to put it away.
I decided to resume building my quilt but I have since lost the magazine/pattern.
I was wondering if anyone recognized the blocks. The picture shows 6 different blocks and there are 3-4 other blocks - to which I have already cut the pieces (as per the direction) but I don't know how to assemble them (without the pattern).

Fingers crossed that someone recognizes the quilt and/or the magazine it come from.
Feel from to recommend other sites I can post to get more feedback.
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  1. Hendria's Avatar
    do you remember the name of the magazine or year?
  2. Hendria's Avatar

    If you can take a photo of the square as you think it looked on the cover I maybe able to find it.
    here is my email:


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