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Prairie Star Quilt Block - Free Pattern: Requests coming in

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by , 08-08-2013 at 01:24 PM (4680 Views)
I posted this in reply a long while ago for someone interested in making a star sampler. I have had lots of requests in the past few weeks for the paper pieced templates. I drew the block in EQ7. I will make a separate, quick blog post tonight with the pp templates if I can get it to work so those of you interested in the block can use it.

Original reply: "I have always loved the Prairie Star. (See below). It works great with paper piecing. You can also make a quilt in a "star set" where each regular block is set in the center of a star (like in the center of an Ohio Star)...or you could mix it up. If you want templates for the Prairie Star, I made some in EQ7. Send me a PM."

Prairie Star
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  1. Vlive's Avatar
    What is a PM? I would like this pattern however not sure where to go to find it. New to site! Help. What's EQ 7?

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