1. Gifted with handmade quilting frame

    by , 05-14-2013 at 05:57 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Noiseynana View Post
    I use mine to hand quilt . I love it. My husband made me one out of PVC pipe. Works like a charm.
    would you share what/how your husband made your quilting frame.
    size of PVC ect
  2. Quilt made from men's ties

    by , 04-07-2012 at 02:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by quilter1 View Post
    I have a collection of men's ties, some from my husband, and others from my father who passed away 2 years ago. I have about 60, but probably I will need to visit the local Goodwill for more. I would love to make them into a quilt. Does anyone have an idea for a pattern? Should I wash the ties first? Most of them are silk and I am not sure how to wash them.
    Were you able to get information on making a tie quilt. I had the same questions> Unfortunately I had taken mine apart and ...

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