Resources for fixing up sewing machines

These are som links to posts I've made on sewing repairs

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by , 12-19-2011 at 04:11 AM (964 Views)
Sewing machine repairs

lots of links to sewing repair information links and resources for sewing machine repair

How to Clean Up and use a vintage sewing machine - videos by Muv and Fav Muv's videos - hi Muv

Vintage sewing machine not stitching - very generic tutorial generic tutorial about sewing machine skipping stitches

Has anybody got tension problems??? tension info & links

Differences between the Singer 500 and the Singer 503 machines
Difference between Singer 500 and Singer 503 machines - this works for the 401 and 403 as well

make overs

Janie Doe, the 15 Clone - make over Here's Janie!!!

Singer 319 in need of TLC Singer 319 makeover

gallery of clones

Will the REAL 15 clone please stand up pics of clones - also see Janie Doe
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  1. Bennett's Avatar
    Nice collection of helpful posts!
  2. viavillecinque's Avatar
    I just knew you...

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