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Thread: Is that activity really necessary?

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    Some of you are writing to say how overwhelmed you are with holiday preparations.

    At the risk of sounding like a Grinch or a Scrooge - how many of these preparations are REALLY necessary?

    If the cookies don't get baked - will it really matter? Leftover Christmas cookies are kind of depressing in February.

    If the candy doesn't get made - will it really matter? Most of us get enough sugar in our diets as it is.

    Are you spending more money than you can afford to?

    Are you giving/exchanging gifts with people you are not particularly fond of?

    Are you neglecting your own health and well-being "trying to get everything done"?

    This is a perfect time to cut back - if you want or need to - one can always blame "the current economy" if one doesn't have the gumption to say "I don't want to any more."

    I have total admiration for those that can and do all the activities associated with the holidays.

    I'm one of those that "hanging on to sanity" during this time of the year is a major accomplishment, so I've learned that for myself - not raining on other people's parades is about as good as it's going to get.

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    I agree! What decorations I put, I have to take down. Just a dusting of holiday decor is nice!:)

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    I think, at times, my heart was much bigger than my time management skills. We've gotten away from gift giving except for the kids that are little. We usually get the parents something they need, but won't or can't buy for themselves. This year I'm buying hay for my dad's critters. I do most of my giving off-holiday times so there's no pressure to finish them. For some of us, I think the frenzy of the holidays is part of the fun.

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    I put out my table topper tree because of the 3 pups I have under 2 yrs. old. I won't be baking because there is enough junk flying around anywhere we go. Parents don't like us buying for them. DH and I will buy each other 'just a little something' for each other. X-mas day, between us three women, will cook the meal. I love calm!

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    Washington, PA
    At 58 and recently retired, this Christmas I decided to put up about half of my decorations. We are having about 35 people here on saturday for our annual Christmas party. I am not pulling everything out to clean, like I normally do. I will dust and vacumn. Why clean, when it all t has to be done after the holiday anyway? What gets cooked and baked will be fine. I am much calmer this year than I have ever been by not worrying about trivial things. I think it is because I started sewing two months ago and fell in love with yet another hobby!!!

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    North Carolina
    Yup, I hear ya Sharon. I'm feeling pretty awesome right about now. My last "obligation" is in the post. Now I get to pack some fun stuff that's already purchased (within "the budget"...which means I bought it within another pay month, lol!)

    Got a few gifts the other day at Target for the two little kids. I got a pang of "is it ENOUGH?" while I was there, and then just had time to think. OF COURSE it was enough! A couple fun, useful, new things? Plenty.

    We might bake a batch of cookies for "family time" but it's the process that's worthwhile, not the product. I tend to try and give most of that away. February cookie thing and all.

    Funny story: MIL decided one year that we would all draw names to exchange gifts to kinda tighten things up. Which is a great idea, except I didn't "get" what the rules were, because we'd end up receiving gifts from them but they hadn't chosen us. So then we didn't HAVE any gifts to reciprocate because we were going according to "the rules" but I guess MIL was making up her own giving rules, and would give to everybody. GAH...so uncomfortable. Apparantly the pulling names thing has ended this year, so I dunno what that means...give to everybody? Give to nobody? :lol: I'm not worried, but it goes to show many people get caught up in the "need" to participate in the holiday.

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    North Texas
    IMHO, too many people needlessly stress themselves over having that perfect holiday, and if it's not absolutely no-mistakes perfect then the holiday is ruined.

    Some of my favorite memories are ones of holidays where something went wrong. Example my stepmom made the red jello salad but accidentally spilled it in the fridge, which made it look like a crime scene. We're still laughing over that one.

    I just make lists so I don't accidentally forget anyone. Pick out gifts that they might like or one from their wish list. If I get decorations up, that's great. This time is being with family and friends and making that warm fuzzy feeling.

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    Between Frankfurt and Heidelberg, Germany
    YESSSS, I agree totally with you, bearisgrey!
    I try to cut back, which means:
    Low decoration level -> homemade Advent wreath, where the whole family was involved, that's it so far. The tree we will set up on 24., holy night, will be decorated by DD.
    Cookies -> will make one baking session together with the kids cause they LOVE it
    Presents -> just for people I really like and feel the need to give a present. Kids presents I already bought earlier.
    One thing I could possibly blame myself for -> making my DH a quilt from very expensive japanese fabric, very time consuming, BUT I'm so not gonna put the blame on me for that ;-).
    We will have a huge (!) dinner for Christmas, but I LOVE this tradition and team up with my DD, who loves cooking as much as I do. With my sweet helper, even a 7 course dinner is fun.

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    La Pine Oregon, USA
    i agree with you on everything except the leftover cookies. Never HAD leftover Christmas cookies so I have no idea if I'd get depressed. I honestly don't think I would, because, you see, I BAKE in January!!!! LOL

    Yes -- all the other points are well made.....I quilt with the rush, decorate a tree outside so I won't have the mess, and totally enjoy my holiday now. :)

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    I guess I'm the real scrouge in the bunch. I do not enjoy Christmas, in fact I hardily dislike it. 20 years ago I suffered a devastating loss on Christmas Day. Ever since then, I just can not get into Christmas. Early Dec each year I sink into a depression that I just can not pull myself out of until after the holidays. My wonderful DH understands this and humors me and supports me thru this time.

    My children (all grown) just do not understand. I only give gifts to the grandchildren (now I have 2 of them) and I resent the time and money spent there as it is NOT appreciated. I don't decorate, or do anything extra. Sorry to be a party pooper friends. I have finally realized that this sadness will never go away, since it has been 20 years and shows no sign of abating.

    But I cheer all of you on that enjoy this time of year!
    :thumbup: Have a very Merry and enjoyable Christmas!

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