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Thread: Anyone streaming TV from their PC?

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    Feb 2011
    I watch alot of my programs on my computer. If you go to tvguide.com you can make a watchlist of every show that you watch. Once you do this the day after the show is broadcast you are able to watch it thru streamline. I too have had it with the high cost of tv. We just left Directv and went back to Dish, Soon as our contract is up I do believe that we are shutting it completely off. Its just to expensive anymore.
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    We live in a remote area and in a forest so we can not get dish or direct TV. We have cable for internet and TV so we can get HD programming. The cable for TV is always having problems and even with all the channels not much worth watching. We have had a Roku player since they came out and love it. We even got our kids one because they don't want to pay for cable or dish. Love the Roku and use it to watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu plus and dozens of other channels, but I don't think I want to lose the cable yet, but my husband would. Val

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    Quote Originally Posted by nstitches4u View Post
    I agree. Over the last 10-12 years we have had Comcast, DirecTV and, currently, AT&T Uverse. We have 200 channels of absolutley nothing worth watching Unfortunately, we can't get even local channels or news without some type of cable or satellite since HD came into existence. I think we will cancel our service as soon as our contract runs out and just watch old TV shows and movies on DVD and get the news on the internet.
    don't you love it how they make is sound good by saying your package has 200 channels and then when you start scrolling thru them you notice most are ones that you can't understand the lanquage or want to sell you something and lots of more things that you'd never watch. Let me pick my 200 and then say, I have 200. I went down to just basic TV so that I have good reception and I get a few extra channels and I have my internet thru them as well. So for that I pay about 50 a month (TV is 21). I have my home phone thru Sprint for only 20 a month and that includes long distance and caller ID. Plus it works off a box like a modem and doesn't go thru phone lines which is good because my phone lines are messed up. Plus, I can take the box and phone with me to my friends, work, etc and plug it into the electrical and still get my home phone calls as if I was home. To get caller ID and long distance with the cable co it would have been over 50 a month (17 just for caller ID). I'm saving alot. Still considering ways to cut back more but at least I'm on the right track and keeping more of my money in my pocket. I replaced my AC units (window) this yr with energy effecient and couldn't believe how low my bills were all summer. I just bought an electric fireplace and paid more and researched alot but got one that is also energy efficient and hopefully I'll get the same results.

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    I am so with you.....We have Dish and they are the biggest rip-off. We live in a rural area, so we are kind of stuck, but I am always looking for something new. My nephew lives in town, uses NETFLIX and his X-Box and sees everything he wants to for $14.00 a month. I haven't got my head around how it all works, but if you have kids they will be able to figure it out. If my husband didn't watch sports, DISH would've been gone a long time ago.

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    AT&T just offered a deal of $99.00 for one year, a $175.00 value as a new customer here in NS, Canada with also a $250.00 visa credit gift card to go with fibre optics. I was paying $185.00 with another cable company and thinking of cutting the cable till a knock on the door and this new offer. Seriously I will do it for one year but after that I do not intend to pay anymore high monthly expense on cable TV.

    I will be trying the other alternatives.

    I will be vacationing in the states for three months this winter so I will not sign up for cable but try also the Hulu. etc,. I also have been doing some research as it is just getting far too much for what is on TV these days.

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