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Thread: arthritis pain

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    arthritis pain

    what do you take for your arthritis pain? I was taking Mobic or Celebrex but found out recently my kidneys are having problems with both. My pain iis ten times worst since I quit taking the medication.

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    I too took Mobic. Kidney problems now are bad....I have a disease called Minimal Change Disease. Something usually small childred get....They don't know how to treat me. It is an autoimmune disease. Basically my immune system thinks my kidneys are foreign objects and is destroying them. I am and have been on chemo to limit my immune systems ability to work. I tried heavy doses of steriods and they did not work. But you name it for side effects and I had them and then some. Basically could not keep my blood pressure high enough to move around and lost most of my balance and muscle tone. It took a good strong year to come out of the mess the steriods caused. I now have been on chemo for 10 years and am doing good...GFR ranges in mid thirties. I wish you the best of luck. Hope you have a specialist for kidneys helping you. Carol
    Forgot to say....Yes I too have terrible pain and am not allowed ANY Nasids. I have learned to live with it. I do use heat or cold what ever feels best. Some days a long soak in the tub helps....I find water therapy helps also. On the bad days I spend alot of time in my chair! If you can get out to be with others that helps also....takes your mind off of yourself and pain.
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    Wow, I have back pain and they tested me for arthritis ( the test are not back yet) but I am on mobic and cholesterol medicine, Now I am afraid of the kidney problems since both causes kidney problems. I think once the results come back I will have a serious talk with my doc. I also have severe osteoporosis in my hips and lower back. Hope you get to feeling better and that something helps with the pain. I keep thinking I am too young to be in pain for the next 50 years. Yes I plan on living till I am 95. ;-)

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    I am on Celebrex that I take once a week with Tecta to control stomach upset. My doctor said I could take them everyday but I developed a cough. Even taking Celebrex every 6 days really helps me. Listen to your body and try to find a solution that works for you. I have high cholesterol that I try to control with diet because 3 different cholesterol drugs just about killed me.

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    Wallace, Michigan
    I take Tramadol. I was without for a week and couldn't believe how much pain I was in without it.

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    I feel for you. I have a back disease plus a fatty liver due to fast loss of weight so I try to make sure what I take goes thru the kidney and not the liver. It's worked because my liver count has been great for the past several yrs. I also have epilpsy and that limits what I can take; it can't cause siezures plus it has to play well with my siezure meds. The funny part is one of the few pain meds that plays well, I can't take because it also can cause them. My last siezure was while I was on Ultram, I can't take anything in that family. No matter what meds you take the more water you drink the faster it'll flush what isn't absorbed out of your system.

    I try not to use meds if possible. Oregano Oil works great and also Arnica Gel; I actually will use them at the same time and get good results. Both can be found in health food stores. Then Arnica is used by sports doc to help with the pain. It also will speed up the bruising process if you have one. I also like Salonpas (found at most stores). You can get it in a spay or patches and I use Icy Hot in gel or roll on.

    Some other things that have helped me;
    An arthritis doc checked my Vit D levels because that can cause pain; mine was low and I fight that more than anything trying to get it higher. I'm on prescribed high does of it.
    Magnezium and zinc also helps, you can soak your feet in Epson salt 3 times a week and get a good dose because you body obsorbs it.
    My specialist said that taking the Krill Oil not only is good for your cholestrol but it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Even though my cholestrol is only 112 I take it for the pain. He also said after checking my feet (surprised me because I'm not diabetic) that when people have low chemical imbalances it can cause problems with thier circulation. You can have your doc check your chemical levels, I get all of the ones above and a few others checked every 6 mos to make sure they are good or if I need to increase my meds.
    Dr Oz just had a show this past Friday on natural pain relief that might help out. I know one of them is Robius Tea that you can find in most stores. You might check his web site out because he's done a few on the subject.
    Now, the biggest thing you can do is to quit drinking/eating anything with aspartame in it. It might seem strange but I had aspartame poisening so bad that I was constantly being rushed to the hospital and getting shot up with laugnem (not sure of spelling but very strong pain killer). My last bout was in 2008, the following month I heard about this and quit and haven't been rushed to the hospital for this since. I may still have my bouts of pain but I can usually treat it with meds or hot soaks plus I have a heating pad at home and in my car. This stuff is in so many things that you may not know; like alot of fiber meds, Alka Seltzer flavored, even one flavored lip balm had it in it. I read everything now because I don't like getting laid up for weeks after one of these episodes. I hope this helps someone out there.

    No matter what, keep drinking lots of water and keep in touch with your doctor and pharmasist to make sure nothing interacts with other things you take.

    By the way as for meds, I use to take Mobic if it was in my bones of my back, I take Flexarul if it's muscles and hydrocodone if I'm really in a lot of pain. But, I only take these if none of the other methods work. My 30 day supply of mobic would last me more that 6 mos, the same goes for Flexaurl and Hydorcdone. I will take Aleve if needed, you only have to take it once daily instead of every few hours.Good luck to you all.
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    I don't take anything anymore. Vioxx worked great but they took it off the market. Celebrex worked somewhat. But with all the commercials telling it like it is-if it doesn't KILL you, it may help you didn' twork for me. i quit!!!
    last night my cat was sleeping in my arms and I had my hand flat on her tummy awhile. talk about stiff fingers when she woke up! but i flex the heck out of them and they work fine then. warm water helps a lot so i do that in the mornings. Aspercreme (odor free) is good to use. the rubbing in helps too. good luck.

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    I had a flair up with an old knee injury and the doctor said it will become arthritic as I age. He recommended several things including walking 15-30 min a day, lose just 10% of body weight, simple stretching of the muscles around the pain and heating pads to keep pain down for now. I got a sample of Biofreeze (at chiropractic booth at health fair) and that really helps. It is also sold online but not sure where the best prices are found. Give your doctor office a call to make sure you can use the creams. If you can, ask them for their recommendation.
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    I take Hyaluronic acid which is in the vitamin dept. of our local Walmart. It comes in an injectable form for your doctor to inject into joint areas, such as knees, but this other form is a capsule you take orally. I've talked to people who have used both forms, and they told me that the oral capsule works much better. It costs about $9.50 for 60 capsules, and I take 4 a day. It really helps a lot.

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    I take Tramadol two or three times a day. I was on Mobic for a while until a developed several small clots in my right lung.
    Not from the Mobic, but from a long flight.
    Mobic messes with Coumadin, the same way Ibuprofen does at thinning the blood too much.
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