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Thread: Cats

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    Aren't cats suppose to run and play like their wild ancestors did. The key is to have lots of things for them occupied. I've got 5 of all ages so I need things for all of them. I've got condos, beds to hide under, outside time when we can. I let my critter on my furniture, so that's somethingelse for them to play on. I could have my husband tell you his story of trying to sleep on the couch. Seen the movie Gremlins? He said it was like all those Gremlins running around in the living room. Some jumping over him the full length of the couch, some not quite making it, but off they go again. He hasn't slept on the couch since1

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    Get her to watch "My cat from hell". Mine were all playful when kittens but now "nadda". He has soooo many helpful tips... I love my kitties. They are getting up in age (aren't we all?). Calico (Callie) is 11, 3 blacks (Buddy, M; Bailey, M & Daisy, F) (I keep colored collars on them to tell them apart) are 4. My son has the mom to my Callie & they have Blackie (F15).
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    I have a room my three cats stay in at night and during the day. They are no longer kittens. They have a big cat post with hole and shelves. Everything is out of their reach, other than what is for them. Before I had them in ex-large dog cages with litter box, food and water and shelf for them to lay on. I try to make things easier for myself and I don't want my house torn up. They are declawed - all four feet.
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    I hate the name of that program!!! anyway, I have three cats and they fight once in awhile. mainly because Mama is boss. she loves her circular plastic toy with the ball inside. also loves her fabric slip covered foot stool. it's hers and she kills it at times. two of them go outside on a leash. then sleep all day. the other girl is still a timid cat. large girl but doesn't want out or picked up. I do pick her up and pet her like crazy every day anyway. Tree perches are a must or something they can get up on to see out the window and not feel closed in. Good luck. the calming stuff didn't work for me either.

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    The cat behavior expert on "My cat from hell", says you should never try to discipline a cat. It does not work. Cats are not like dogs.

    I agree with those that say to play with the cats in the morning until they are exhausted. I keep a bird feeder outside a window that the cats love to watch. A dish of bird food on the ground outside my sliding glass door attracts chipmunks and squirrels for the cats to watch also.
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    Mine play with balls, love fleece knots to carry around, and chase each other all the time. All but the baby are fixed - he will be when he gets old enough. They love the "climbing wall" (design wall) in the sewing room.

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    She needs to get them fixed, altered. You don't need more. My friend has a cat perch (I call it). It's high. She has a round platter like thing that has a ball or something and she throws catnip in it. If you put them in a kennel/cage, they will have a tendency to get very upset and spray. Doesn't matter it it's male or female. Since there are two, they basically are just playing and chasing each other. BUT PLEASE GET THEM ALTERED! if they aren't already. You can also keep a water bottle nearby and spray them where you don't want them. I had a cat and kept a spray bottle on the dining room table and kitchen counters that were identical. When my cat saw that she knew not to get up there. I sprayed her with both bottles. If she saw a bottle in a room that resembled those she would actually leave the room or hiss at them when she walked by.

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    They will calm down with age, but in the mean time, go to pet supermarket and buy a toy called Da Bird. I have one (of my 4 cats) that was on meds for spraying. I bought Da Bird 2 weeks ago, took him off the meds and play with him and he has only sprayed ONCE!! It really wears him out.

    Have her watch 'my cat from hell' on saturdays on the animal planet also. She will get ideas from that show.
    Grandma of 5 beautiful grand kids, 4 crazy cats & 1 dog!

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    I have three white baby cats and they are so cute. I love cats and really like to keep cats as my favourite pet.

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    Have you tried that circular thing they advertise on TV with the ball? Or put a wooden spool on a length of elastic and tie it to the door? Does she have something to let them run up and down the walls ? LOL YES I did that with my cats had it where they could climb to the highest part of the house. DH put 1x2 attached to the walls, at intervals so they could climb high. Get them all tired out before she goes to work, they have those mice or feathers on a teather pole like to play with. Do they have a cat condo that they can climb on that is pretty high? The cats used to love the elastic spool idea and would play with that one or a feather attached for hours.

    Put a birdfeeder outside your window.
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