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Thread: Cloth diapers versus paper diapers

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    "There is no answer," said Chaz Miller, director of state programs for the
    National Solid Wastes Management Association
    . No one can say definitively whether cloth or disposable diapers are better for the environment. From a Berkeley study: There are downsides to both, it's a tossup of which is worst: wasting our water supply or filling up our landfills."

    Got fabric?

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    Both of my daughters used cloth diapers with their babies. No diaper rash. Prefolded diapers without the added padding
    can be found at Wal=Mart and KMart. Sometimes at Target. the added padding is to much and adds time to drying time.. A good laundry soap and a little clorax keeps diapers pretty and white.

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    My boys are in their 20's now....I used cloth nappys and never had a problem with rashes on either of them. Washed in laundry soap with a bi-carb rinse and line-dried. Only used disposables when travelling overseas, but when we settled into a house, went back to cloth (I would soak them in the bath as we had no laundry/utility room in one place). I was a work at home mother so there was no hassle with day-care etc. Times are different now, especially with lots of working parents...but if you can...I think cloth is definitely the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnnMc View Post
    But DD is a redhead, and her sensitive skin couldn't handle being damp all the time

    My oldest DD, 20 now, is also an auburn redhead. I commented in my earlier post how she kept a diaper rash until I put her back in disposables. She always liked to wear dresses until she was in 2nd or 3rd grade, she said that the leg seams in pants or jeans made her legs itch, tights were okay though. I had never thought about hair color playing a big role in such things, this explains a lot, Thanks!
    ...the importance of one's life lies not in money or celebrity, but in doing the right thing, even in silence or secrecy, and without reward... Fergus M. Bordewich

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    Used cloth diapers because there wasn't any other choice. Couldn't afford diaper service or a diaper pail so I kept some water in my washing machine with a little bleach added and soaked the dirty diapers in it (of course I emptied the dirty ones into the toilet first). With 2 little ones in diapers at the same time I washed diapers almost every day and line dried them as well. During freezing weather they were hung on a line in the hallway or over radiators.

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    I used cloth diapers for my DD (soon to be 25) and she toilet trained earlier than any of her friends. I think feeling the wetness is yucky so they don't want to stay in them. the paper diapers can hold so much liquid and still the kids feel dry so they don't have the incentive to potty train.

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    I had twins and had cloth diapers and no dryer. Washed everyday and hung them in basement to dry. They're so much better for the environement but so many people work today they probably don't have time to deal with it.

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    I also used cloth and had only a washer. it was hard in the winter, but i used freeze dried diapers all the time . it is interesting what you can do when you have to.

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    Another cloth diaper user here. I brought my poor oldest home from the hospital with a diaper rash from disposables, and my doctor recommended cloth. Never went back. Luckily my day care would use them, and I just took a sack home with me each night and brought clean ones in the next day. Generally I washed every other day, and never folded. I just used them straight from the basket. For the second baby, we started off in cloth and kept it up. With my first child I was a full time grad student with a half time job, and for the second I worked full time with some overtime. A good washer makes all the difference. Hot water, bleach every few washes, second rinse.


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