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Thread: First thing!

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    Power Poster Jingle's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Outside St. Louis
    I make the bed take out the dog. My Husband takes her out at 4:30. I come in and get dressed, let cats out of sewing, where they sleep at night and while we work. Take care of bird, eat breakfast, take dog out, leave for work.
    Another Phyllis
    This life is the only one you get - enjoy it before you lose it.

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    Super Member joysewer's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Grab a juice box, take my thyroid pill, read my Bible, then go on Facebook, read email and QB. Eat after that and then my day starts.

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    Oct 2011
    dallas tx.
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    Gramajo, that is so funny. Dogs require a lot of care don't they? We're too old to have to care for dogs. Takes all of our time to care for ourselves. And cook, and sew, and read on here.

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    Power Poster nativetexan's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    home again, after 27 yrs!
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    I feed my 3 cats, then make coffee and feed my hubby. then i feed myself. then i come here!!!

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    Super Member gramajo's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Peotone IL
    Quote Originally Posted by barny View Post
    Gramajo, that is so funny. Dogs require a lot of care don't they? We're too old to have to care for dogs. Takes all of our time to care for ourselves. And cook, and sew, and read on here.
    I'm lucky; I have a fenced yard so just have to let him out, let him in. I sure will miss the company when he's no longer around.

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    Oct 2012
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    Up, make coffee, feed the dog, settle down so cat can relaxnon my lap, check out the quilt board and get going so I have time to sew! Christmas presents still look like flat fabric

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    Jul 2012
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Stumble down hallway to the bathroom, trip over starving cat. Stumble to kitchen, trip over another starving cat. Start coffee if Hubby hasn't beat me to it, trip over all 3 starving cats at the same time. Feed the indoor cats (they are starving you know, its been HOURS since their last meal). Head towards my desk to find my glasses so I can see what I am doing. Listen to the outside cat whine at the door because (you guessed it) she is starving. Back to the kitchen to get more cat food, feed the outside cat. Finally settle in at my desk to check email, QB etc.

    Paying it forward, one Smile at a time!

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    Super Member CindyA's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Push start button on coffee (DH sets it up the night before). Watch some t.v. (a taped show or the news), several times a week work on a pieced or appliqued block. Keep drinking coffee til everyone is up, maybe check QB in the morning, always in the evening. Start the day!

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    Super Member Jan in VA's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Piedmont Virginia in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns.
    First thing I do in the morning - most days?
    1. turn off the alarm
    2. get up to potty, turn up the heat.
    3. go back to bed, fall asleep again.
    4. dream crazy, vivid dreams that would make great movies and which I almost always remember.
    5. finally wake again, too warm, sweaty
    6. shower and dress in comfy clothes
    7. sit down at the computer for news, email, facebook, and QB......for hours it seems
    8. finally get around to eating something so I can take meds
    9. make a list of what I could, I should, be doing today
    10. get sleepy from eating, go back to bed "to read"
    11. ......and fall asleep again!

    I LOVE retirement; ain't life grand!!

    Jan in VA
    Jan in VA
    Living in the foothills
    peacefully colors my world.

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    Super Member karenpatrick's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Rosedale, Indiana
    Wake up, take my 2 pain pills, lay in bed until pills work, then bathroom, coffee, feed the dogs if hubby hasn't already done it, check email, then facebook and then qb while I drink my 2 cups of coffee then shower and on with my day. Never varies; maybe I'm in a rut but I like my morning routine.

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