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Thread: Gas prices!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lillybeck View Post
    I have been dealing with only one tank of gas a month for over a year now. The only places I go are church, grocery and doctor. I will not even be able to do that if this keeps up. We are on a fixed income and the jerks in Washington have never had to deal with robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    My husband and I were doing well until things starting getting so high, now between health ins.,car ins.,life ins, and house ins. we can hardly afford medications and my husband is a kidney transplant receipient so he needs his meds for the rest of his life. Oh well God is good all the time.
    I totally understand the one tank a month budget. I do all my running at one time. I never leave the house unless it's for a DR. appt and then on the way home, do all my errands. Sometimes I will go a couple weeks without ever leaving the house. Wonder if that is why I spent the weekend in the hospital with BP thru the roof.
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    Our gas prices hit 4.25 Weds, since we live in a resort town they raise the prices for the weekends, can not wait to see what it is today, when I hear the gas will hit 5.00 a gallon I am sure in my area we will see close to 6.00, just my guess though. My worry is how are people going to drive to work, feed their family while trying to pay their mortgage/rent?

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    I'm to the west of you milikaa1, in the San Gabriel Mtns. near Mtn. High Ski Resort. Prices since Monday are $4.50 for regular. There is only one gas station in my town, but the owner is honest in his pricing. I'm sure he's paying a lot more for his gas deliveries, too. While I try to support local businesses, I usually buy gas when I go "off the hill" to run errands. Even at that, I paid $4.20 last weekend.

    Yesterday I heard an economist explaining how food prices are tied to gas prices. Food will go up as they use petroleum products for fertilizer, tractors, transportation. The bottom line, is if gas goes up 20%, food will be going up 40%.

    I agree with you that being in a resort community will have a big impact on commuting costs. I think we will see that it will have a big affect on the real estate market locally. Who would buy in a town when they have to commute a long distance to work? No demand; prices will fall.
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    There is so much waste in this country that it is a crying shame. I live in a low income area, so have to watch every nickle & dime. Then with prices going up & up really makes it hard. I do belong to a gleaner group that gathers end crops, that would normally rot in the fields, to help feed many family's. We also get from companies that would dump good products if we didn't go after the stuff. We get a portion for our members & the rest is donated to two food banks, Soup kitchen, senior center, New Hope Farm (a place that houses Downs adults) & any other place that needs help. We never have to buy bread, potatoes, onions, vegges, fruits, chips, eggs & many more odds & ends products. So I do lots of canning & drying foods. We do have to go out & pick the crops, but the gleaners pays the gas for this. We have a $10.00 monthly fee to belong to the group, & that is what pays for the gas for the picks. Everyone has to take their turn working the crops & if you refuse to work after being ask 3 times straight in a row then you are dropped from the group. After all, it is a group effort not just a few doing all the work for everyone else. It would be nice if this was available in all areas.

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    I got this in an email this afternoon.
    Ellen......I'm gonna go play now



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    I think Halo your group of people has the right idea I wish we had something like that here!

    With me being at home on disability and down to one income we've changed a lot of our old patterns and habits. We used to eat out a lot that has stopped, we have gone from two vehicles to one, we only go out on Saturday's to do our errands and we don't go all over the city like we used to or just buy everything at one store. I shopped around for better insurance rates for our car & home, got a 20% discount on all of our other household bills, I plan our meals out for the week and make large potions of foods and freeze them all. I bake more now I am getting pretty good at making breads and rolls, in the spring and summer I plant our garden for veggies and herbs.

    I find there are more people now going to the final sale rake in the grocery stores at one point in time you never saw that many people checking those racks out. I buy veggies that I can take home chop up and freeze right away, buy bananas to make bread and muffins with. I don't know what to say about the economy anymore it's all totally out of control. I'd like to think it can't get much worse in our society but I know it can.

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    When I go to the grocery store, I always look for the manager special tags that are discount prices as the product is about to expire on shelf life, yet can be frozen etc.
    I have gotten bread for a quarter or less at times doing this.
    Gas going up will mean thrift shopping everywhere.

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    since folks cannot keep their political views out of this conversation, it's time to shut it down.
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