We don`t have any cats in the house, but I have a small barn full of animals. We have 15 chickens that layed 45 eggs in 3 days, Ruby a banty chicken eats grapes out of my hand, Festus, my donkey, turns the waubel (knob) in the chicken pen and lets them out, and my DH`s driving horse can open a very hard to open door by putting her teeth on the metal round door knob, and she just pulls till it opens. When I feed her some grains, I have to wait till she cleans all the hay away, so she gets every bite. Sparky my mini shetland pony stands on his hind feet to get his carrot every mornning, and the cats un-do the latch on Puff, the rabbits cage so they can play. What can I say, I`ve had them a long time, makes doing chores fun.