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Thread: The herd moves together. Illustrated story.

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    Nov 2007
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    I decided it was time to let all seven horses together. It was a quiet morning, everyone had a full belly, I had plenty of time and my camera. :wink: The foals, 4 months old now, can be weaned at any time. I'm in no hurry to separate them from their mamas, but it'll be nice to have everyone know everyone for when the time comes. So--here's what happened.
    (all photos copyright Karla Borglum Santoro 2009)

    Just another quiet morning, so they think.
    Looking cute, as always.
    Whoa, Mazie, is that Rosie on OUR side? In OUR pasture?
    Yakking to show submission...
    Tucker says "Yippee!! New milk bar!"
    Welcoming committe!
    Mazie says "Yippee! New milk bar!"
    Rosie says "Milk bar? I remember those. Is there one around here?"
    Karla says "You've got to be kidding. Oh well, at least they're getting along."
    No milk. Wanna groom together?
    Rosie's a star.
    Whisper came next.
    Checking her out...
    Tucker is yakking again.
    Tucker loves Whisper.
    Karla says "So far, so good."
    So, let's bring on Jazz.
    Whisper says "Hi, Jazz!" Gypsy says "Do you remember who's the boss here?"
    Jazz says "Hi, Gypsy, I've missed you!"
    Gypsy spoke her mind, Jazz listened carefully, and all was well.
    The mares circled around the foals to keep them safe.
    They created a barrier.
    Jazz said he wanted to talk to his daddy.
    Gypsy said "Not yet, Tucker."
    Tucker obeyed.
    Gypsy needed time to see if the gelding really worked.
    Chloe moved the foals further away.
    Everybody worked to distract the foals and give Jazz time to prove himself.
    Tucker's had quite an interesting morning.
    These six were in harmony.
    But one was still left out.
    But after a time... trust was built.
    The others sensed the lead mare's easing and moved in closer...
    The foals were allowed to get closer to their daddy.
    And closer...
    And closer...
    Jazz is accepted.
    Rosie comes to welcome him to the new herd.
    And Jazz's favorite girl will be friends..
    But, Gypsy says, "I'm still, and always will be, the boss."

    The end to a very happy morning. :D

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    Camarillo, California
    Great pictures and story. They are beautiful. I wish I could see them in person and give them a pat.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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    Power Poster sewnsewer2's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Loos like they are getting along just fine.

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    Super Member Marcia's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    How cute are they?? All together! I just love it---thanks for the great story, Karla

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    In the middle of a mess...
    Awwwww....how cute!
    I was going to cry if they didn't let Jazz in!
    Yes, I have/had tears welling up! I know, silly me!
    They are all just sooo beautiful!
    Especially, that one certain one named Rosie! :)

    I'm glad they are all getting along in the pasture. So nice for that to happen and I'm sure much easier on you since you don't have to seperate them. :)

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    Nov 2007
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    I confess, Terri--I was weepy when I created the story.

    I edited photos for over an hour tonight--I'm so pleased--it's very time consuming to learn this program...but I'm gaining. I should have waited and posted the better ones!! :roll:

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    Moderator tlrnhi's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    In the middle of a mess...
    You can post more pictures. I'm sure no one will mind.
    I was thinking the other day...hmm...where are the horse pics? Haven't seen any in a while. Need a horse fix. lol

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    Thank you Karla! Just in time - we needed a horse fix!

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    So. California
    Lovely photo essay Karla :D
    Thanks for the horse & foal fix!

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    Williamsport Pennsylvania
    Thank you Karla for shating. The pics always bring a smile to my face!!

    Kyia :D

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