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Thread: Honey Boo Boos with dad, Sugar Bear

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    I have never watched Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, or any of those dumb shows... I have seen enough of them on advertisements to know that is not for me. I agree why would a person waste their time with that when you can quilt?
    And also we must remember this is NOT reality... They do know they are being filmed! Folks just need more to do than get in front of a camera and act ignorant! This is just MHO

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    Duck Dynasty fan and I am quilting of watching Say Yes to the Dress. Those are pretty much all I actually sit and watch. Hubby is a sports nut and that's usually what is on.
    Better to do something imperfectly, than nothing perfectly.
    Done is better than perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntpiggylpn View Post
    I find it deplorable that a network and the people who watch take advantage of ignorant people. I can't watch the hoarding shows as it is just exploitation of people with serious mental illness. What happened to the days when nobody aired their dirty laundry in public?
    these people aren't really this stupid but if they make money acting this way??? But it give the country people a bad image.
    Freedom is costly and quilting keeps us busy...

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    I REALLY, REALLY hate reality TV........however, I have to admit I am hooked on this season's The Little Couple. I heard about them on an adoption forum I am on, (Rainbowkids.com), watched the season premiere last week and now I can't miss it.

    Bill and Jen both have skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism) and are adopting a 3 year old boy from China who also has SD and now a baby girl from India who has it too.

    Being an adoptive parent (internationally and domestically-through the foster system) and an advocate for finding more kids homes (EVERY child deserves a family!) I am thrilled to see the adoption scenario played out for all to see and perhaps folks will possibly be moved to consider adoption.
    Do not worry about the past, for it is history,
    Do not worry about the future, for it is a mystery,
    Only live for today, for it is a gift, that is why it is called "the present."

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    What irritates me is this crap gets more press release than our military who fight for their country. Not a fan of any of the Honey Boo Boo moms who parade their kids around for their own satisfaction. I like Swamp People too. It's part of these guys income to support their family. They aren't parading their kids around in adult makeup to make a buck. The Swamp People sell the hide and eat the meat.

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    Super Member ptquilts's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    I caught about 5 minutes of Boo Boo and noticed an interesting occurence.

    You have heard of product placement, where a company like Pepsi will pay to have their product featured in a TV show or movie?

    Apparently there is such a thing as "Reverse Product Placement". The part I was watching, (no kidding) Honey Boo Boo was sitting on the floor opening 3 big jars of mayonnaise and putting the mayo in a bowl. There was NO label on any jar. Apparently the manufacturers do NOT want to be associated with this show, can you blame them?

    I am happy with my PBS channels . Did anyone catch "The Dust Bowl" by Ken Burns? Very interesting.

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    I don't have regular TV either. We have a Roku box & Netflix. It is only $8.00 a month & we can pick & choose what we want to watch. Nothing on regular TV worth watching anymore.

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    I've never watched any of these so called "Reality" shows, just not interested in them. I did see Honey Boo Boo
    (what a ridiculous name) on a talk show once. She was being interviewed and out of the blue she starts throwing
    a temper tantrum, Mom just sat there smiling. I turned off the TV after that and went to my sewing room.

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