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Thread: How do people figure out Medicare parts to sign up for?

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    I have to do that and have no one around to ask. Printed out something like 163 pages of the Medicare Handbook. Am I dumb or what? Very difficult to figure out.

    My husband still works and we have a health coverage plan from his workplace (large company). It looks like I should sign up for Part A and just wait on Part B until he retires or gets laid off. We are both pretty healthy and don't need a lot of drugs, so Part D is out.

    I can't believe nobody else gets confused about this stuff. It makes me feel really dumb.......

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    Do you have a walgreens? They advertise that they will help
    or a senior center

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    I wish I could help but I'm far dumber and not quite 65 yet.

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    I ended up with a headache trying to figure this all out. :roll:

    First, ask DH's insurance company if they will still cover you and explain that you are going on Medicare.

    The supplemental insurance may not be necessary if you can still be covered by DH.

    Part D is for prescriptions, which again, may not be necessary if you are already covered.

    Typically, Medicare does not cover as much as the other insurance I have had in the past. There are many things they do NOT cover at all, and what they do? is a much smaller percentage.

    The supplemental insurances will not pay a penny towards a bill, if Medicare doesn't atleast pay a dollar of it :roll:

    Your pharmacist is a good person to talk to about Part D. If you don't sign up during a certain time frame, you have to wait for open enrollment.

    As to Medicare itself? You can try finding someone at your local senior center, or another local agency to help you with your questions :D:D:D

    I have found calling Medicare was as confusing as reading their manual. They read the answers to your questions from it LMBO

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    my hubby is retired, and i keep him on my insurance at work, as it is cheaper than medicare. if i lose my coverage he could sign up then for medicare as it would be covered under
    one of those clauses. NOw i for got the name, dang/
    you can talk to his human resource ppl for futher information
    also call your local hospital senior care dept they may have someone knowledgeable to help..

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    Super Member Qbee's Avatar
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    Yeppers.....go to your pharmacist. Each company covers different meds differently. Your pharmacy knows what meds you take, how they are currently covered, etc. and can help you decide which is best for you. Good luck!! :D

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    Years ago my late DH and I went to the local Senior Center when they had experts come in and explain about health coverage. At that time we were both very healthy. We finally went with Blue Shield of CA, and later as DH became sick, Blue Shield paid for his operations and hospitalizing with absolutely no quibbling. I still have it although I've not used it for many years, but since I'm 77 I feel that it is worth it paying that much every month. One single hospital visit could cost more than years of paying for insurance.

    Be very careful which one you get. I'll agree that you should go to the local Senior Center to get lots of ideas on what to do, right now before you need it. Check with doctors' office managers to see if they take whatever one you want to check on, and find out what they do and do not pay for. This might surprise you, considering that lots of doctors take this and that, but this and that might not all pay for the same things.

    My sister was going to change from the one I have, and asked at the hospital where she volunteers if they take the one she was thinking of changing to. They told her yes, they took it, BUT it didn't pay for much at all and not as much as Blue Shield does. That little point hadn't been made clear in the other companies' fancy meeting she had gone to.

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    You automatically get part A when you turn 65. You sign up for part B when you no longer have work insurance and you don't have to sign up for part D. It's kinda thrown in...LOL. I started drawing SS when I turned 62 and had to furnish all my ins. since I was no longer working. At 65 I now get medicare part A&B, but it's kinda turned over to Humana and they are my suppliment ins. now. I pay only $28 a month as I need little dr. care during the year...I hope. I f my health fails I will get the $98 policy. They cover everything. Hope this helps....Glenda

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    I have Humana, I pay the 98.00 out of SS. I don't pay for anything. Only thing I would have to pay is 20.00 for emergency room visit if I needed it. I have diabetes, and see the doctor every four months for blood work, doctor check up once a year. No co-pays, No blood work payment, nothing.

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    As long as you are covered under your husband's policy you don't have to sign up for anything. You can always change that as long as you stay insured as long as dh has coverage. There's a box somewhere on the form to not accept coverage because your spouse is still employed and you are covered under his plan. You will still get a silly little card for Part A from them in a few weeks. But you do not pay for anything and have no coverage. Can you believe all the crapola you've gotten in the mail once you get close to the magic age. If they came with return stamped envelopes, I folded everything neatly stuffed in the envelope and sent it back - asking them to remove us from their mailing list. Now if I can just get off the dumb AARP mailing list!!!

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