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Thread: How do you get it to hold still?

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    My husband calls it Chicken TV, because we spend so much time just watching them in the summer.

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    What alot of people dont know is that animals are raised on farms for fur.
    The meat is your meatby oroducts in cat and dog food. The oils are used in candle making and as shoepolish. Ecery part of the animal is used. The bones are out into oet dood as bone meal and in gardening supplies also. Beaver is one of the few animals used that is trapped. If they weret trapped, the damsthey build would stop up water flow to rivers and streams. There is a reason for every season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iraxy View Post
    I am thinking that this was made as a tongue in cheek comment.
    Unfortunately, I don't think so. My husband used to work with a woman who thought this - he hunts, and she said almost the same thing to him. Why do you have to hunt, when you could buy the meat in the grocery store and no animals get harmed? This is the same woman who was satisfied that she would never get the swine flu because she doesn't eat pork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbie View Post
    RIGHT!! and I am sure this same person thinks that milk just comes from the store or if they do really know that milk comes from a cow, that chocolate milk comes from a chocolate cow. And to think that these people reproduce and will be taking care of some of us one day-shudder the thought - I taught school for 20 plus years and the last 19 taught 1st grade. I hope that I taught my students enough to know better than this and that none of my students are that far gone!!
    Not only do the reproduce, but they vote

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    as a child I was raise by my grandparents. Granddad hunted and we ate what he shot-or didn't eat!. Simple-
    When we had more money and my mother would go to the store I would complain because I didn't want the store bought stuff-I wanted the "real" thing from the farms and road stands. LOL I am old-so this was a long time ago.
    Funny how life and time changes you. I still like "real" bacon and farm eggs-corn from stands. I was so spoiled when I lived in Australia with the organic farms-Nothing in the US taste like the King Island beef, cheeses, and Tazzie wines! And fresh veggies were fabulous!!

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    No matter how many times I see this, I still shake my head....
    No wonder the US is in such bad shape....
    Maybe in stead of our schools teaching socialist crap, they should try to teach about the food chain.
    brenda in MI

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    There are many countries that raise animals we consider pets as food sources. So, how did this person think the meat got to the grocery store? Did they pick it off the trees???? lol lol lol
    Karen in Kentucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by linhawk View Post
    hahaha! Sometimes we humans just can't help but display our intelligence--or lack of it!
    His compassions are new every morning. . . Great is Your faithfulness!

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    Bad for my karma!
    no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

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    Oh my, this poor person needs to be educated!

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