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Thread: How to get rid of moochers

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    Being a dog person, I totally understand. I even did the same thing once--just to make a friend laugh. I told my friend's daughter to give the dish she had used to the dog to lick. When the dog finished, my friend's daughter asked where the dish should go (as in sink or dishwasher) and I said, is it clean? put it in the cabinet. That poor girl did not know what to do--

    skip ahead to now, to "rinse" my dishes, I simply call "rinse cycle" and both dogs come running. Sometimes, they simply wait by the dishwasher as I am clearing the table.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nycquilter
    skip ahead to now, to "rinse" my dishes, I simply call "rinse cycle" and both dogs come running. Sometimes, they simply wait by the dishwasher as I am clearing the table.
    My dogs do that too and I've never had them "rinse" the dishes. They just know.

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    Tired of moochers too

    Quote Originally Posted by DogHouseMom View Post
    This is funny, and true.

    A friend of mine (Anne) has a friend who always shows up unannounced - conveniently at dinner time. Anne likes her friend but was becomming tired of feeding her, especially since she never asks and never reciprocates. Anne wanted it to stop but didn't want to tell her friend directly.

    Anne like me is a dog breeder, so there are plenty of dogs in the house. Anne devised a plan one day.

    After dinner, Anne put the dinner dishes on the floor for the dogs to clean the scraps. This was not unusual, her friend had seen Anne do it before. The difference this time though was that after the dogs finished, Anne picked the dishes up off the floor, examined them (in front of friend), shrugged, then put them directly back the kitchen cabinet with the clean dishes!!

    Yup. Friend no longer comes for dinner.

    Gee ... would you? ICH.

    (and yes Anne washed them after friend left!)
    This was GREAT! But the eating scenario isn't much my problem.
    The two main problems are: #1 this 20yr old wants money and#2 she drops in and stays.
    Thankfully my husband has finally joined me in protecting this invasion of the sanctity of our home. Thank God.
    We have been addressing these issues, but ima bout to run her off literally. I just pray I allow God to give me the words to successfully drive this insanity incurring as little wrath retaliation as possible.
    This has been about eight+ years of putting up with a bull crapper, and now that we are both spiritually sure to let her go, I'm biding my time for when she shows up again. If only this was 50 years ago, I could take her for a walk in the woods and give her a nice butt whupping for the spoiled brat she is. I've told her many times she better be glad she wasn't born to me, for I surely would love her tough! Lol
    Now I can cheer up with all these funny posts y'all post on here.

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