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Thread: Husbands/SO and Quilting

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    Husbands/SO and Quilting

    So, is your husband/so involved with your quilting/sewing passion? Does he 'love-it' or 'hate-it'? Does he provide help/money/feedback to encourage or discourage you?

    My DH is awesome! Here's why...my DH and I have been married for 8 yrs. All of those years my DD has lived with us. Yep...we've never gotten to be alone and spend time 'getting used to living together.' The DD and GDs where always in need of our attention. She was on-again and off-again with her ex-bf for the first 3 years, and had two children. Her car kept breaking down, and of course, no child support was ever received. Lots of stress, drama, babysitting on our part. Now the ex-bf is history (thank God) and the DD and GDs are in their own house 10 minutes down the road. She finally realized she needed to get out on her own and probably got tired of living with us too! They had so much stuff, clutter, toys, clothes, shoes everywhere I felt so claustrophobic ALL the time. Talk about high-blood pressure. I never could keep my house, bathrooms or kitchen clean, much less keep up with laundry!

    It's hard to explain how wonderful it feels to have so much room now, even in such a small house. We've had to do a lot of 'damage-control' repairs on the walls, floors, doors, molding, door-knobs, etc. We replaced carpet with flooring in both rooms, painted the bunkbeds and touched up the walls. Now, I finally have my own girlie-cave! I was single for 15 years before we got married and I really cherished my 'alone time', which I NEVER had after I got married and especially when DD and GDs were living with us.

    My sweet DH has been so supportive and he loves the GDs like they were his own. But now he also loves going places together more than ever. He even attended a quilt show, one of my guild meetings, and has been to the LQS with me. He appreciates the talent and creativity it takes to make quilts/knit sweaters. He even suggested I get a Handi-quilter and start selling quilts one day. He understands I need my space after working all day. Now that we have our house back and he is retired, he stays home all day and looks for work on the internet, attacks his honey-do list occasionly, reads and does research. Learning is his hobby! What a nerd! LOL

    So the other day he comes to me and said he needs to set up an office in the small bedroom next to the sewing room so we can 'see each other' in the evening, since I spend my evenings in there cutting, piecing and sewing. Usually he's in the living room watching FoxNews, boxing/sports or the History or NatGO, or just falls asleep on the couch.

    NOOOOO! I don't want company!! I like my girlie - cave....no men allowed!!! I will get up and walk to the LR to take a break and visit for a few mins. then it's back to my cave.

    It's funny how women need their 'girlie-cave' just as much as men need their 'man-cave' (his is his garage).

    Attached is a pic of us last Christmas at the local town square Christmas party.

    I'm a lucky girl!!!
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    Your DH sounds like a winner. My DH is a keeper, too. He never complains about what I buy, just asks that I keep it in my sewing room ("after all, that's what it's for"). He is a musician, so his toys actually cost more than mine, but he actually makes money with his. However, I make the gifts, so it all works out. I've been having some health problems and didn't want to drive the last shop hop, so he played chauffeur. The worst part of that was that I had to play navigator. Gotta get a GPS before the next one! He enjoyed the day and the conversations he struck up with other quilters.

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    New York
    My husband is also a keeper and I've kept him for over 36 years now!! He NEVER complains if I spend money. He trust my judgment in all things. For many years I had no spare room to sew and I kept my machine on the dining room table as I worked on projects and he didn't mind at all.

    If we are out together I will go into a fabric store and he won't mind at all sitting in the car or even coming in the store with me and help me "hunt" for the perfect shade of green fabric etc. I am blessed!
    When it seems like the world is falling to pieces remember that the pieces are falling into place. We are nearing closer to the End Times.

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    Feb 2013
    I am blessed too! My hubby is an enabler! He could get along with Satan! He has a blast talking to all the ladies at the quilt shops, quilt shows, anywhere. He's the one who wins the door prizes at the quilt shows!!

    He shares my passion for the needle arts, and I share his for his hot rods, car shows, flea markets, etc.

    It will be 38 years in Oct. and I'm not about to trade him for anything!

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    My DH is an enabler too. He gave up his office space to accomodate my long arm. Never a complaint about what I spend and he will go with me to quilt shops and help me pick out fabrics too. Mind you, I go with him to motorcycle show and shops as well. He has an expensive hobby- 5 bikes- BMWs and Dukatis. Guess he is a keeper, I've kept him for 31 years now.

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    jacksonville bch
    My DH is a keeper also. We went away for our anniversary 2 weeks ago, and he asked me if I made a list of quilt shops. I hadn't, but us quilts can spot one miles away. He stopped at the ones that I found, and didn't tell me I couldn't spend what I wanted too. We have been married for 56 yrs., and I don't want to give him up. I've trained him just the way I want him. LOL
    Love to quilt and play with the great grandkids

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    Jan 2011
    Selma Alabama
    I have always sewn, but did not start quilting until my husband passed in 2007, he was only 51. Will never marry again but do have BF now and he is super supportive, makes me things like quilt hangers, goes fabric shopping with me, keeps my vintage machines cleaned, oiled, and running great. He can't complain about what I spend as it is my money. BTW, BF was my high school sweetheart, we got back together after 34 years.

    Theres nothing wrong with me a little chocolate won't fix.

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    northern California
    Both my DH and I are retired. After a bit he wanted to move to a simpler place (we lived in a wonderful mountain cabin/house but he worked hard cutting fire wood and keep brush away from the house... we were burned over once). So now we live in an apartment 10 minutes away from a small town, and he does the cleaning and cooking (he's a way better cook than me, but I find he is awful at dusting, so poor me has to do that). Every now and then I have a guilt attack and tell him I'll do more but he tells me he has the easy job, I have the hard job quilting. Even so, he will come in to help me whenever I ask, for design decisions or reaching something.

    The quilt store ladies love to see him coming! He has been told he is color blind in several colors, but he will find fabric, bring it over to me and say "This is a color you use a lot, and yet it's different from anything you have." He held a huge quilt for me while I quilted it (using rolls of cardboard) and following my head nods! He is totally proud of every quilt I do and supports me in every way he can. Some of us are just plain lucky!
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    My DH is also an enabler, he always says "Is that all you bought" when I come out of a quilt shop. For years he went with me on quilting excursions and encouraged me in all I do. But unfortunately he has Dementia now and his caregivers take care of him when I go to the quilt shops. Its just not the same but we have been married 57 yrs.

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    Junior Member phranny's Avatar
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    I love the visits from my hubby and family to my sewing room in the basement! Just last night he came wandering down the stairs, with a tenative "whatchadoin?" He sat on the love seat which I had placed down there for visitors, and we chatted while I sewed.
    I have been researching a long-arm machine, and he enjoys coming along and seeing the machine work, and asking questions that I hadn't even thought of. Last month we took a road trip to the States, and he humored me while stopping at the quilts shops I had picked out as we traveled. He enjoys chatting with the shop staff, carrying my bags out, finding bargins.
    Definitely a keeper, we've been married 28 years.
    phranny ~ I cannot call my day complete. 'til needle, thread, and fabric meet.

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