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Thread: I feel guilty, but....

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    Super Member ranger's Avatar
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    I feel guilty, but....

    I don't like Christmas.....no, let me change that...I don't like getting ready for Christmas. Once it arrives I do enjoy it.

    The stress always gets me down. I have tried to cut back on a lot of things but DH and I still end up doing too much and spending too much money.

    It's getting better though. Every year, after Xmas, I make a list of ways I can make the next year easier. I have found that to be helpful.

    Any one else feel like this?
    Life...you muddle your way through it and then you die!

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    Super Member toadmomma's Avatar
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    I use to be, but I learned that if I wanted to do it all you have to be organized. First i make a list of all that has to be done cookies baked , tree up etc. then i put them in order, cookies should be done by thanksgiving and frozen, tree up at a certain time. the list ends with things I 'd like to do but arent that important. and I end with a date preferably a week before xmas. and whats not done doesnt get done, no one misses it. i start buying or making presents jan and pick items up thoughout the year on sale ending that in July. Wrapped and put away or boxed and labled to ship out in Nov or DEC 1st. that way every thing isnt left to the last month of the holiday. Also when putting up or taking down xmas decorations go though them then and fix or sort out the lights that dont work etc. so they are not put back to bother you next year. his way I get to enjoy the holidays along with every one else. If your having a party deligate some of the food items to others to make, You dont have to do it all. And the most important thing is that nothing is perfect like in the movies. ont want to make all those cookies have a cookie swap. Have family over to help decorate, a decorating pre party. Just enjoy
    Deb T

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    Super Member ptquilts's Avatar
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    try not to feel guilty - remember most of the pressure of what "you are supposed to do" for the holidays comes from the retail establishments that stand to make money off you doing all that. Do what makes you and your family happy.

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    Super Member DebraK's Avatar
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    Please don't feel guilty. You are not alone. This time of year is hard on a lot of people.

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    Super Member redkimba's Avatar
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    Don't feel guilty. One can only do so much & putting the bar at "Norman Rockwell" is just too much.

    I try to get things like mailing cards out, but if I don't get it done then that's alright. My goals are to get the tree up & decorated, get the presents bought & wrapped (gift bags are wonderful). anything else is just a bonus.

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    It's getting harder and harder to enjoy Christmas, when the merchandising for it starts before Halloween. Yes, I know that we quilters need the fabric and stuff to make stuff, but when the big box stores start stocking all the other stuff, I just get kinda tired and glad when it all goes away.

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    Senior Member AnnieF's Avatar
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    Rochester, NY
    Guilt is a wasted emotion. Last year I decided that I wanted to send Christmas Cards with a personal note (don't you hate that people on your card list...you usually only hear from at this time of year....and some people only sign their names?) OK so I know you're alive but not much more. I bought the cards and every night if I felt like it, I'd write a few cards. I didn't finish but figured what got out...got out. This year I've decided to only do what I feel like doing. I'm going to take my time shopping....wrap when I feel like it....bake if I feel like it and just enjoy the time with my family. It does make for a better holiday season.

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    Super Member Crqltr's Avatar
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    One of the things I did to make it less stressful was to cut down on people to buy for. I told friends that I value time with them more than a token gift. Let's get together after the holidays and have lunch, Dutch treat. How much "stuff" do we really need.

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    Power Poster BellaBoo's Avatar
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    I know exactly how you feel. I dreaded the house being all out of shape getting the tree and decorations all out and put up, moving things around and finding places to put everything. First thing I did was get an artificial pre lit tree. Best thing ever. Goes together in three pieces. Takes me about five minutes.

    I have several Christmas flower arrangement I set out. I put the ornaments on my tree and hang the everyone's Christmas stockings. I have a special fireplace screen I use and that is my focal point other then the tree. Two big focal points is all you need for decorating for any occasion. Put a wreath on on the door and I'm done.

    DH does the outside ever how he wants. Some years he goes all out some years he does just a little. It takes me just a few hours to put every thing away and stored until next year.

    I don't buy presents for anyone but immediate family. I send a delivered bakery basket (Wolfermans) to others on my list. It's easy to call and say send this there! I don't cook on Christmas either. I have enough of cooking on Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy the holiday and cooking and clean up is not enjoying it for me.
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    I cut down on stress by buying one small gift to open then give money for remainder. I also make some of the gifts during the year. I send cards only to people I don't see during the year or I might give them a call after Christmas when stress is lower. I make cookies or party mix for neighbors and Christmas parties. We only keep a little bit for ourselves. If it was for us to eat we would gain weight which we don't need all of the sugar.

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