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Thread: left handed

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    Lol that's funny!

    I asked my husband, who is left-handed, if he was ever harassed for being a southpaw. He replied that he felt pretty lucky, he's heard horror stories but never experienced anything negative as a result of being left handed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen View Post
    Are your 4 lefties very creative? Can they solve problems easily? I have a nephew that was amazing to watch as he grew....you couldn't get anything past that kid.
    2 of them were tested ans found to be geniuses. 1 of them can do just about anything mechanical. And one that is an artist and designs her own clothes.
    Everyone is born right handed, only the gifted overcome it.
    I have already committed my felonies, so people don't have to worry. (Russell Means)
    I swear to you, I am guilty of only being Indian. That's why I am here. (Leonard Peltier)

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    I'm left handed, and no one ever wanted to try to teach me things...like knitting and crocheting, so I picked it up on my own. Now, when someone sees me making something, using a written pattern, they ask if I have to reverse the pattern. No. I simply crochet it LEFT HANDED, which means reverse the stitch, follow the pattern.

    I fell back in 96, and my left arm was in a sling for a month. As a supervisor at the front desk, I really needed to be able to use my hands, but I was okay, because lefties are accustomed to living in a right handed world. Ever watch a right handed person with the right hand out of commission? You have to feel sorry for them, lol. Lefties rule!

    I have always been very creative, not only craft wise, but with the written word.
    If laughter is the best medicine, I prescribe a Dachshund or four.

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    I am left handed and one DD is as well - verbal creativity - oh my gosh - she can spit out a quip faster than you can catch it! But she is not crafty so she claims - she waits for her sister to arrive in town to sew buttons back on! Reality is that she doesn't really explore this side and it would be awesome. Just like her Mother!
    Quilting makes me happy!..

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    I am the oldest of 11. 6 of us are lefties, myself included.

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    One DD is a lefty, two grand-daughters also lefty's, some of my uncles were also, I had to use my left hand when I had surgery on my right thumb and wrist. Couldn't open anything or do anything right-handed for over 6 months, but finally could write my name left handed. Now I use my left hand equally as well as my right hand.
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    I'm left handed, my mother was left handed, and my husband is left handed. I think I see a pattern here.
    When I was a young girl, I would watch my grandmother quilt and I wanted her to teach me. She was reluctant because she wasn't sure she could show me how, since she was right handed. I didn't give up, so she finally did. I loved quilting. Would do it after school and continued for several years, then went almost 50 years before I took it up again. I am so grateful that she allowed me to quilt with her. I cherish that memory.

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    Thought I would let you gals know that there is a Olfa rotary cutter new to the market for left handers. I think it is called a quick release rotary cutter. Our applique teacher is left handed and she was thrilled with the cutter.

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    I like it.

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