That happened to my lab mix Dixie, she was 16 and had become incontinent and in constant pain. After about a week of her going steadily downhill, we took her to the vet
so that he could see what was wrong. He said that she was in kidney failure and at her age it was kindest to put her down. We said good bye to our dear friend. It was the hardest thing we've ever done.
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I would definately take her to the vet. It might be something wrong with her kidneys. I had two poodles, and both of them had kidney failure. My oldest one started piddling without even realizing it. The poor thing would be standing in the kitchen and the next thing you knew there was a puddle underneath her. I attributed it to simply being so old, but then she started acting strange. She seemed to be disoriented, etc. Take you furbaby to the vet.