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Thread: North to Alaska

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    North to alaska

    Take a down jacket with a hood. I found that no matter the clothes underneath....short sleeve T shirt...if I had my down jacket with a hood, I was real comfy when the wind blew and it was cold. I wore this jacket...it came down to just above the knee, when it was 60 below zero on Lake Superior....that was actual temp. I had on a T shirt and jeans. The hood had fur around the edge and it kept my face from freezing when I was on the snowmobile. Down is light weight and squashes down nicely in the luggage.

    Gloves a must
    Light weight plastic rain poncho with hood.
    Don't forget the sunscreen.
    small tube of antibiotic ointment
    Anchorage can be warm too, so take one hot weather outfit...
    Don't forget the Dramamine (sp?) or patch.
    Take a small crisscross purse with only your money/credit card/lipstick/medication/handiwipe in packet, for when you are off the ship. You don't want a heavy bulky purse to drag around when you want to use your camera.

    If you don't want a down jacket, make sure you take something with a hood.
    Along with the nice dinner wear for the ship, pack your tennis shoes for time off the ship. You will do a lot of walking on land. Pack some homemade trail mix of your favorite fruits and nuts. Stick those in your jacket pocket while you are out and about between meals off the boat.

    Take a good camera with extra batteries and memory card.

    I worked in Alaska on three different projects and was there for several months at a time.,..different times of the year. Weather is unpredictable. Layering clothes is the best way to go. I have traveled all over the world,I learned to pack light, plan for extreme weather-hot/cold, good shoes , sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and you're good to go.

    Fancy dinners with the Captain is a little different. Check with the cruiseline for protocol. Most require tie for the men at dinner, some don't care if you wear casual. Most do not approve of T shirt style for men....need a collar, the cruise line should tell you.

    No matter where you go, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and crisp clean air. You will have so much fun.

    Best wishes.

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    It is a wonderful trip. Holland American is the best cruise line we have used. You will be spoiled and pampered. Glacier Bay is really, really cold so layer for that one. Long underwear (preferable silk) really helps. Bon Voyage.

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    We went in our motor home for about 2 months....it was the best trip we ever went on. Our favorite spots were the Kenai Penninsula and Valdez. It was all so beautiful and even found quilting shops!!!
    There is no place like home!

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    I would take an Alaska vacation any day over a ruby or any other kind of ring! Enjoy!
    Be proud of who you are and what you do. You define the things around you-things will never define you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinster View Post
    I would take an Alaska vacation any day over a ruby or any other kind of ring! Enjoy!
    "Been there (to Alaska) and done that!" We did it for our 45th anniversary (in August) as an anticipated 50th anniversary gift to ourselves. We loved it!!! Layers, hooded jacket and comfy walking shoes are a must. Take a good camera with several memory cards. You can buy most anything at the shops either on board or in the cities. Quilt stores were in most cities on our cruise. I "caught" the quilting bug while there and have wished that I had bought more of the Alaskan themed fabric. We would go again in a minute, without hesitation. We celebrate the anticipated 50th next March.

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    Are you going to Denali Park? That is really wonderful. Specked rain in some area's Ketchikan gets a lot of rain. Depending on how far north you are going it might be cold. I took a warm scarf. hat, & gloves and boy I was happy camper. Hope you see some eagles flying around.

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    Don't buy tickets for off shore excursions on board. You can get them when you get off of the ship for less $. Take things to dress in layers and ENJOY!!!! congratulations on 40 years and 40 more to you.

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    where are you going? i've lived in kodiak and valdez, and live in juneau currently, so i can definitely point you in some fun directions.

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    My husband and I have been on 18 cruises and the best piece of advice I can give you is to not over pack. I learned early on that we didn't wear 1/2 of what we packed. I can tell you that people will not notice that you have worn something more than once. We have done 4 to Alaska and every time enjoy them. Also you need to take a lot of $$$$ because they have some wonderful quilt shops in all the towns. Oh my gosh, you will find a lot of fabric that we do not carry on the mainland. I picked up several quilt kits that were so beautiful. You will love the days they last forever. It's still light at 11:30 p.m. Enjoy your trip and breathe in lots of the fresh air!

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    First off "Don't over pack" Depending on when you go, all you'll need extra is a JACKET- and raincoat-I lived in Alaska for over 54 years and 12 months out of the year I wore a light jacket in summer and warmer in winter. I'm guessing your going this summer, so a light warm jacket is all you'll need. A sweater or polar fleece for when it is warmer- ditch the coat. The cruise lines, once they get you, they don't like to let you go, they like to take all your money. When you stop in the small coastal towns, ask the locals where to go & what to see. If you get to Anchorage, it is about like any other big city, lots of traffic, fast food joints, so rent a car & get out of town. Have fun and let us all know how your trip went.

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