Jan, I so agree with you! December was a lost cause! DD lost her home and just packed the last of her stuff and is enroute to Fla. DGD graduated on Dec 15 hours and hours away from us. Unpleasant family situation there after graduation. Son helped DD move her first wave of furniture and got sick; lost 10 pounds and when he was finally finished with that and back home, slept for 3 days straight. Husband has an organ job at a new church and between his juggling all that and my obligations at my church, we are wrung out. Every day has seemed like Saturday and I will be so glad to have a normal week starting on Monday. Will be able to get more quilting done next week, I hope. Oh, and I have a church banner meeting on Sunday as I am on the committee to applique the designs after the artist makes cartoons for us to follow. There will be 6 16' banners to complete.