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Thread: OT Ladies do you hate housework like I do?

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    Super Member Latrinka's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Slidell, Louisiana
    I just don't see why there should even be such a thing as dust!
    If a woman's work is never done....why start?

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    A clean house is a sign of a broken sewing machine.
    The purpose of life is to discover your gifts.
    The meaning of life is to give your gifts away with love.

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    Super Member MaryKatherine's Avatar
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    Guelph, On. -
    Have you not READ my Avatar quote. I loath house work. It is pointless and never done. Dust bunnies mock me, cobwebs try to entangle me and crush my soul. I clean once a week. Poorly. (The guest bathroom is spotless ! ). I deep clean,( more than 5 minutes a room) only when I have company coming. Thank heavens they come regularily: Christmas, Easter, Birthdays etc. BUT I do declutter often. Its STUFF that drives me crazy. But I carefully clean up and tidy my studio between pieces. I have to have a clean bare table to start each time. Did I mention housework is never done!

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    I'm lucky because my husband works at home, so the bulk of it falls on him! However, he totally has Man-Vision. He doesn't see that the floors are dirty. He doesn't see that the counter needs to be wiped off. As long as he has a spot to do his work in, that's all he needs. So he's in charge of the daily cooking/cleaning and I do the weekly hard stuff. Depending on my mood, I delegate that too. I do all the laundry and I we have our own bathrooms that we keep ourselves. Mine is much nicer and cleaner than his! My son is responsible for the yard, his bedroom, putting his laundry up and the living room (which is basically "his"). We have too many inside animals to have a "clean" house, so we just concentrate on keeping it un-nasty.
    I wish I could afford someone to come in once a month and clean it good!! I used to pay my niece to come and sweep and mop and clean the tub. That was a huge help!
    You can have any design you want. As long as it's loops!

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    It's no wonder that life spans were shorter than now. Thanks for the article. It makes me thankful for living in the present and not the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learner747 View Post
    I love cleaning house if my energy is up and I am feeling well. I do like a clean house but accomplishing this is difficult.
    I really understand this as I have Fibromyalgia and some days, I just can't do the work. With the way the heat and humidity has been, I can barely walk outside to do a few things and I am in need for a good nap.
    I have a wonderful husband, he works hard at work, and then comes home, and if my son has not done the dishes in a few days, he does those and he washes the clothes, the washer and drier are still in the basement and going down on the cement made my back worst.
    Most of the time, the house needs a really god cleaning. Starting next month, if the weather cools a little, we are going to start to tear out the walls of the house and put in new wiring and new walls. Work that I am not looking forward too, but at the same time, I will love to get new walls that are not falling apart.
    Learning is a never ending process. Kimberly Moffitt Adams

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    I absolutely hate housework I blame it on my mom it seemed no matter how hard I worked cleaning it was never clean enough she would find a streak in the window or someting else. Now many years later I do the fly lady thing sort of, at least 15 minutes a day cleaning one room and my house looks presentable. I have tried to find a teen to hire but none around here wants to work, I cannot vacumn so have a I robot that vacumns it does a fairly good job but
    I need someone to come and move furniture and vacumn good. Try to change sheets everyweek but it always gives me bad chest pains use mostly paper in kitchen but makes me feel guilty for the enviroment I steam mop kitchen and bathroom but know I will have to rest afterwords my bed hasnt been pulled out and cleaned behind or under since the last time my daughter came to help me. Who would think laundry could be so hard my machines are on same floor I am but to carry laundry from bathroom to laundry room usually gives me chest pains and my back is killing me by the time I get the dryer emptied. It is so frustrating wish I could afford Merry Maids but I cant so I just do best I can and forget the rest Getting old and sick is not for the faint hearted.
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