There are instructions on ALL Peiople Quilt,no raw edge.[quote=Nanamoms]
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Do yall use the "birthing" method to make the pillowcases. I saw the YouTube video on it but really would like the written instruction. Are they available anywhere?

PS: Not sure "birthing" is the right word that I'm looking for!!
When I learned, it was called the "tube" method. No matter what you call it, they sure are easy. I hope these written instructions make sense!

Thanks so much. Finally getting back to checking my posts and responses. I just found the YouTube (haha) video and watched it again. All the pieces are falling together...just takes a while with an "old" brain. I copied and pasted your "tute" to print out. Yeah, think I'm going to try one tonite.

The only thing I see that I might not like about this method is the unfinished edge showing where you finish the sewing. I know it can be serged but I'm so used to doing a wide hem which hides this. Anyone have any other suggestion?