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I get so frustrated when I have to deal with them..."if you want .....please press 1: ....please press 2" etc.

Then when you press the proper key..there's another lot of the same..."press 1 for... "etc.

Sometimes you are there pressing keys until finally they say..."all our lines are busy, your call is important to us...please hold for a customer representative."
Likely as not, you have to hold for a long time.

I can see the advantage for the company but it drives me crazy. If the feature is available, I'll now press the pound key and wait for someone to answer. This works for some companies but not all.
I had this happen when I called a non profit charity several months ago to make a rather large donation. I got the royal runaround on the phone, as mentioned above, and when I got the operator she hung up on me once, kept me on hold too long once, and transferred me to the wrong person once.

Do you think that company got the donation?