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Thread: Positive Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimcatlou View Post
    As a retired teacher, My 2 cents worth is ---Please tell teachers when you see them doing a good job, especially for your child! Parent complaints are too frequent; compliments too seldom!
    As a still-working teacher, Kimcatlou has said it all. Thank you.

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    I agree with all of the above. We do need to commend the good service we receive. But also, think about the people
    "behind the scene". I have worked as a private housekeeper for 8 yrs. & as a hotel housekeeper. I have recieved
    thank you's from my private clients, always appreciated. But from the hotel guests? Not very often. A word to
    Management is also appreciated. A note also goes into our file. Can you tell there was a crazy party in your room the
    night before? It's all because of the housekeeper. She/he is the 1 that cleaned & made it a welcome place to stop after a long drive. Sorry for the rant but when you have cleaned up after people that just don't care & are proud of
    your work a "Thank you" goes a long way.

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    Re:Positive feedback

    A couple of years ago my husband and I were in a bad accident at 6:30AM. A passing motorist stopped to help us out. He stayed there until the police came and ambulance came. He told us that he was a college student working the night shift and he had just gotten off work. My husband and I were very impressed with this young man and wrote a letter to his company's HQ. The company wrote us back and told us how pleased they were that his employee had helped us and that they had given him a bonus of $500.
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    I always talk to the manager and let them know how pleasant the worker was!
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    One time I was on a flight (major airline) that stopped in St. Louis for a layover and then proceed to San Diego. A group of about 15 - 20 young men on their way to boot camp at the naval station in San Diego joined the flight. They stunk (it was summer), rowdy, ill-behaved, lighting up on board on the ground, etc. It was an absolute disaster. The cabin crew were real pros. They rearranged (with everyone's approval) the cabin so the youngsters were in the back with one crew member taking of them and the rest free to treat the rest of us normally. Wonderful.
    I wrote complementing the crew for a wonderful job. Unfortunately, I got a CYA letter saying they had to carry recruits. I did take the time to write again because that crew saved what could have been several hours of misery into a normal flight. How sad that they got so few complimentary letters that they did not recognize it for what it was.
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    Good idea....I will try to be more mindful of this. Thanks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neesie View Post
    When we get lousy service from a company or company's employee, most of us don't hesitate complain. However, how many of us think to write a note of praise, about the GOOD service? Way too often, we just take it for granted and say nothing.

    If you're happy with the way a store's employee has gone out of his/her way to help you, please take a minute to contact the store's main office (online) and write a quick note of praise, for that person (make sure you give the person's name and the location of the store). That note will most likely be forwarded to the appropriate store's manager and the helpful employee. It's so easy, to brighten up a person's day!
    I've done this after a company took 4 months to straighten out my credit card. I got a very personable and very helpful employee that was very patient and thorough with me. I was sooo pleased with him. The funny thing was I asked for his supervisor and was praising him to the very guy that has been a bonehead to me during a different call. He had read a self help book about assertive techniques and was using them to his own advantage. (I had read the same book!) I thought it was delicious karma that he had to hear about both sides of the coin and couldn't say anything
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