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Thread: Price of machines!!!!

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    I go to a couple of quilting retreats each year and at every one of them we have machines that just bite the dust. It is surprising how many of these machines are the new expensive designer models. With the big named one that starts with a "B" topping the list. The machines that cost $150.00 or $200.00 and come from Wal-mart or Overstock.com seem not to mind the constant use for days on end and just keep chugging along. It is rare for one of them the die. Odd don't you think?

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    When I was working, I purchased an embroidery/sewing machine with all the software and stuff. It is a Viking Scandinavia 400. Last week I decided since I never use the embroidery module, I would trade my machine in and get a lighter weight machine to take to classes. I picked out a $699 Janome and the dealer made some calls re: the trade in. They offered me, for machine, software, card reader, hoops,and several embroidery cards - wait for it - a whopping total of $100.00!!!! That's right, one hundred dollars. I was stunned. I could tell the shop owner was embarrassed, but that is what her bosses had said. She quietly advised me to sell it privately and then come back to buy a machine.
    I will never spend big bucks on a sewing machine again! I use my vintage ones almost exclusively unless I am doing machine appliqué.
    There may be times we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. - Elie Wiesel

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    when I started sewing many MANY years ago, I always tried to have a nice machine. When I was first married, my hubby at that time bought me the best Singer on the market with a price tag of around $700 (this was back in the early 70's). i would never have spent that much money on a machine. This machine lasted a good 20 years so well worth the money spent. It would probably still be working except I didn't maintain it like I should have (too busy working so didn't sew much for about 10 years).

    I now have a Babylock sewing and embroidery machine that I bought 4 years ago and paid $3000 for it. It wasn't the top of the line when I bought it (those were around $6K then). It works like a dream and only serviced once so far for cleaning and a new bobbin case. It's due for another cleaning.

    Bottomline....I can't justify paying more than $4000+ for a machine only because my income couldn't handle it but if I could, I would.
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    Vicki G

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    My late quilting friend Naomi had a Bernina for which she had paid a few thousand dollars. When it broke it cost her a few hundred to get it fixed, which took forever. I like seeing the new machines and could afford one with all the bells and whistles but what stops me is, would I ever use most of the features? I don't think I'd do any embroidery. I'd rather spend money on fabric and "gadgets". My backup machine is a 1967 Singer which was a big deal at the time - it had a zigzag stitch! And you could use two needles! And it was (is) turquoise! Now I use a Brother which cost me about $600 and I still haven't learned some of the features because we moved before I could take the learning course offered by the dealer. A sewing machine becomes like an old friend, loyal and there for you, and there's one for each of us that's right, from the bare bones sold at Walmart to the ones that send your budget thru the roof, it's just a matter of finding the right one.

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    Many many years ago I recieved an inheritance from my grandparents in 2 parts 5yrs apart. The first part went to put a down payment on a house. The second part set up 401's and college funds for my kids . Both of which are gone now since my ex cleaned everything out when he left. However I was bound and determined to have a good machine.At the time I was doing sewing for others and Viking was the only machine that didn't void the warrenty if you did that. So I got a Viking. I had that machine for many many years , sewed all kinds of things on it from wedding dresses to upholstery fabric. Price $1000. It finally bit the dust. I am sure it could be repaired but just couldn't see putting the money into it. Soo When after 6 yrs of waiting for my disability I got a good check ,even though I got cheated out of 2 yrs, I paid off my daughters bills since I had been living with her and spent $2000. on a QC1000 that the dealer had on special with the bag , and extra attachments and a serger. I love my Brother machine and although it's not a portable(well not for me) I do have some vintage machines for back up, I have never had a problem with it. I have had it serviced once in 4 yrs. To me it was something I could do for Just me. If someone has the money to spend Go for it. I don't and that's ok I am happy. I always laugh when I see the costs of some machines. Even mine. I have never spent 2grand on a car. LOL And a long arm wow! I could put a down payment or just buy out right a house for the price of those. LOL

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    I have never paid MSRP for a sewing/embroidery machine. Dealers have "wiggle room" when trying to sell these machines. The MSRP is a starting point.

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    May 2008
    Trust me, you wouldn't want to know what I have invested in all my machines, you'd faint!
    Grandma of 5 beautiful grand kids, 4 crazy cats & 1 dog!

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    I put the word out that I'm looking to buy a good machine. I get a call at least every other month that someone's relative has been put in a nursing home, downsizing or sadly passed away and there is an almost new machine to be sold.
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    Got fabric?

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    Aug 2010
    Some of the less pricey machine are the best. it depends on what kind of sewing you do best. I have found out that
    one of the most important things we can do for our machines is to have them serviced professionally. I used to make
    slip covers for others and found to keep my machine stitching best I needed to have it cleaned and adjusted at least
    once per year. At that time I had a Kenmore Commander. Yes that dates me. It was a wonderful machine.

    You will never regret having your beloved servant maintained.

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    I have a Rose 550 Viking which is about 15 or so years old. I got it when someone had purchased it and then the new embrodiery machines came out and she traded up. My machine was only 5 months old, still under warranty and I got it for $1600. Original price was around $2000. I have never regretted my good luck. Have never had any problems with her and don't ever plan to replace her.
    Families are like old quilts....although they tend to unravel at times...each can be stitched back together with love.

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