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Thread: Quilting by candlelight - My furry helper

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    Sep 2008
    West New York, New Jersey
    Nellie is beautiful!

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    Dec 2010
    New Mexico
    Aww! Love your helper! Just gotta do what you have to do! God Bless you! Praying for all of you on the East coast!!

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    Las Vegas, NV
    I am so sorry to hear of all the miserable conditions there on the East coast. Have been watching the news daily and my heart just aches for all the ones who have lost so much. I pray everything will be restored quickly. Can't imagine no heat, no electricity and even food is scarce in some areas. May God Bless you all soon. (((HUGS)))
    Families are like old quilts....although they tend to unravel at times...each can be stitched back together with love.

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    cute picture!!! im keeping every in sandy s path in my prayers!!!

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    Deltona, Florida
    Nellie looks comfee and thank you for sharing
    Have a Blessed day

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    Grand Junction, Colorado
    I remember when I was a kid the electricity went out and we were the only ones in the neighborhood that had a gas stove and an old gas furnace that didn't need and electric starter. All the neighbors came over and cooked meals and heated baby bottles at our house. We had lots of playmates for the day. Although I think my mom was exhausted by the end of the day when the electricy came back on. Try to make the best of it. The world as we know it now is so dependent on electricity. Just hang in there.

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    Feb 2011
    Central Florida
    Nellie looks like she feels safe! Thanks for sharing something so sweet.
    "Only those who know enough is enough can ever have enough." Lao Tzu

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    Woodmere, NY
    I do have a positive attitude. My brother brought over his electric heater. I don't like using it, but need to take the edge off the cold. The family should be over pretty soon, and I will be cooking.. Gas fueled stove is a nice thing.. My sister in law, and brother will be going back, and forth between places, as they are afraid of looters.. They live on the edge of an area that has looters, and it's in an upscale area. All their neighbors are not around, and the alarm systems are not working.. I guess I should mention that I live in a one bedroom apt.. Socrates is 18 lbs, and doesn't like to share toys. Doodle is 85, big,a nd boisterous..

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    Feb 2012
    I, too, am without heat/electric. I have the town wired...lol. Keep an upbeat attitude and find new ways to meet the chanllenges. By the way, I may not have heat or electric, but the dog is welcome in my house! What a cutie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barri1 View Post
    You have a great attitude.. I am tired of the situation. I have electric, cable, but no heat, or hot water. I have my mom, brother, sister inlaw, and the two kids hanging out, off, and on with me, as they have no electric etc.. They are close to a sub station that is rebuilding.. As for the dogs.. My guy is freezing his behind off, and the doodle is enjoying the cold. Now we are being warned about the looters coming through our area, as a lot of people left their houses
    My heart goes out to you - and my prayers! Take a deep breath and hang in there. if there is anything I can do to help - someone to whine and complain to, feel free. We are doing pretty well except no gasoline. My husband is a physician and on call so he has had to go to the hospital every day at least once (very sick transplant patients). Tuesday is my gas day. I'm taking my quilting and my ipod with an audio book loaded and will brave the 3-4 hour lines.
    Re looting. After this, I plan to get a permit and get a handgun. My husband was an Israeli army officer and knows how to use and I will take a couple courses. I think one shot fired above the head of a looting mob will make them think twice...
    Kathryn Bishburg
    Traditionally-built Norwegian lady

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