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Thread: Stranger using your debit card

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    I work for a financial institution so I can tell you you are not alone. However when a store whether it is brick and mortar or online gets hacked cards do become compromised. In that situation your financial institution should cancel the card and reverse the fraudulent charges. Institutions will generally receive a list of card numbers that were potentially compromised when the files were hacked at the merchant. Some institutions will wait for their member to call them and stop the card due to erroneous activities and others will automatically stop the card to prevent fraud and reissue new ones.
    The best way you can protect yourself is to make sure you use SSL sites (which will have https up in the browser window or a little yellow lock down on the right hand corner), sign up for online banking if your financial institution offers it so you can watch the transactions affecting your card and don't be afraid to use the card. The fraud measures that are in place these days are pretty effective at stopping most major fraud as it happens.
    Hope this helps!

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    Restaurants are where most ID theft happens. The employee turn over is very high and you never know who you are handing your card too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltMania
    I would suggest getting 1 credit card with a fairly low credit limit and using that and that alone for all online purchases.
    I agree. This is what my husband and I did. That is the only card we use for online purchases. I would also suggest having the debit card cancelled and get a new one. Beware of who stands behind you in the store checkout line. They have been known to stand there with their cell phone, acting like they are on the phone, when they are taking pictures and videoing you punching in your PIN number.

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    Senior Member chickadee_42us's Avatar
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    Joey, that's horrendous for someone to do but unfortunately I am not shocked that it is happening. I am shocked someone would THINK to do that though.

    It appears everything is going well. I appreciate everyone's input.

    We've had things stolen here at the house before, it just takes time to get over the uneasy feelings you get thinking someone you do not know is abusing something you work hard to get.

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    My solution-that works for me......being a senior citizen I don't pay account charges(or at least back when I opened the account) I keep a small amount of money in it & use my debit card....huge purchages ring loud bells at the bank...I have been made aware of attempted usage a couple times, as the bank chkd to see if I was aware of the attempted charges.

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    Senior Member mrsjdt's Avatar
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    Must have something to do with the time of year---I have had the same credit card for Y E A R S, even knew the number by heart. Got a call from the bank that issued the card that there had been unusual activity....$251 and $350 for Western Union, $790 in Snap on Tools, and $150 in music...they contacted me that very day...took care of the charges, canceled my card and issued another. But I have no clue "how" they got the numbers. Always check for the "padlock" safety sign and have dealt with the same places for years. It IS frightening!!!!!

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    Super Member judy_68's Avatar
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    Somebody used mine too. They used it on a weekend so the bank didn't catch it. They took every penny I had. The bank replace it quick though. I only used my debit card at stores. Im pretty sure I know where it was stolen. My card never left me except for them to swipe it under a counter. I will never use a debit card again. I use a credit card now and pay it off every month. Even after we caught it they kept trying to use it.
    I would NEVER use a debit card on line.
    Judy in Ohio

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