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Thread: Verizon Users

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    Sep 2011
    Hmmm.......I have a Verison Octane. This is a phone that also takes pictures. We have had Verison for many years and are very satisfied with this phone we just got.....and it was free. I bought a wonderful case for it on Amazon.com. I don't need all the other stuff that has come out. Sounds like you are looking for more than a phone. Good luck !!!

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    I just got a android bionic & am still learning how to use it - but love it so far. My son got an iphone 4 (not the 4s) & absolutely loves his - of course being a teenager, he is much better with his that I am! lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by collady View Post
    I am looking for a new phone also. I don't do a lot on the internet with my current phone, and I really don't want to spend the time to learn how or the money they cost. I just send text messages and take and send a few pictures other than talk. I can't seem to find "plain Jane" simple phones!
    My husband says the same thing. He only uses the phone. He likes his flip phone and doesnt like that he pays 10 dollars for data when he doesn't use it.

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    Jul 2010
    Just so you know you can download loud ringtones such as motorcycle apps on any phone. This is very scary speaking as a biker . I hope people don't start answering phones while on the bike. I have tride to talk briefly when I used to ride on the back and our bikes are so loud I couldn't hear anyway lol. I never had a smartphone till a few months ago. I went to get the iphone and they talked me right out of it. I went with a verizon phone because I could get twice the data for the same price . 4GB for the price of 2GB on the iphone so if data cost is an issue you may ask about this.

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    I have a I-phone4s and while I don't use all of the features, I like it a lot. I am a member of the Apple Corps in that I have an Ipad2, a Macbook Air laptop, an older e-mac laptop and an iPod classic. The one thing I will say about Apple is whatever you get I would suggest you purchase the extended warranty for whatever item from Apple you buy. The reason is that after the factory warranty runs out it will cost you money to talk to tech support about anything. Lets face it, most extended warranties are almost worthless, but in this case, they have saved my bacon, with long conversations with tech support to correct some stupid thing that I caused to happen. Another time they replaced a complete computer screen, on an old E-Mac desktop, that went south and didn't charge me for it. $900 worth of replacement cost saved was a good tradeoff for the price of the extra warranty. I have gotten back the value of the cost of the warranty in tech support costs on every warranty I have from Apple. I think the current cost is $50 to start and goes up as long as you stay on the line. You can see how that would add up. Every mechanical thing or electronic thing can fail. Even the best of them. But it is nice to have somebody to talk to and get it fixed for free. It is also a nice feeling that you can call and get help resolving one of the inevitable bozo moves that you make while trying to do something on the device that is not supposed to screw things up but does.
    My 2cents worth
    Making the world a better place,
    One stitch and one dovetail at a time.

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    Bellevue, WA
    I'm with you Graymare. When I have had to get a new phone I go into Verizon and tell them that I need a phone that makes phone calls. It doesn't have to make coffee or solve for world peace, it just has to make phone calls.

    My problem now is that my business is growing so fast that it would be good to be able to access my Google calendar on my phone. My Google calendar synchs up with my Outlook calendar so I can make sure that I have access to my appointments anywhere. I just don't want to have to buy an expensive phone that does much more than I need in order to get the two things that I do need.

    I also drive my cars into the ground.

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