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Thread: What will keep neighbors cats from using bathroom in your flower pots

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    Junior Member sewlilly's Avatar
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    Good luck! I live here in the country and have to have a few cats for the rodents. I can't get them to stop messing in my flower beds either - I tried putting all sorts of stuff in them and they just move them over - they actually prefer to sleep in the beds instead of messing in them . oh well.

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    My grandma would put pinesol out in little cups never did have a problem after that!

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    Cayene pepper actually is a very cruel option. If it gets in their eyes it will hurt them badly and they could scratch their own eyes out tryig to get relief. If you research it a bit, you will see that although some suggest it, it can be a very deadly alternative and is not recommended for any animals. Remember, some cats are pets and they may be someone’s best friend - harming them would be cruel.

    Mothballs are also very toxic and when it rains their odor will be very strong and that is all that you will smell. It's not good to have in the soil when they break down.

    The chicken wire is a good alternative. Cats don't like to step on rough substances and their paws can be sensitive. Also after trimming evergreen bushes, roses or some other thorny type plant use the trimmings inside your pots on top of the soil. This will make it unpleasant for them to stand on. Stones and large pieces of rough mulch could also be used.

    As mentioned citrus will also work since cats hate the smell. Sprinkle good-sized pieces of rind over the cats' favorite spots. Keep replenishing them as they will breakdown and add nutrients to the soil.

    There are other herbal alternatives that are nontoxic and there are also commercial products available that will deter them from using your pots. There are also some plants that will deter them - perhaps your local nursery could give you more info on these.

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    Toothpicks, LOL never thought of that! hehehe

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    Super Member Snorky Lvs2Quilt's Avatar
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    Cayenne pepper!! Cats sniff before they do their duty....and they don't like the smell of cayenne pepper. Cayenne isn't a chemical either so won't harm your plants.

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    Moth balls work great.
    Quote Originally Posted by Georgie Harriott
    Neighbors cats use my flower pots for their bathroom. What can I put in them so they won"t go in my flower pots? I tried black pepper but that didn't work. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Georgie

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    Moth Balls work good, they also work for ground squirrel that like your garden........ yep have used it before..

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    I hate to tell this but we have neighbors that have numerous cats and they destroyed our flower beds, porch furniture cusions, in our garage on our cars when the door was open. We spoke to the cat owners many times and it did no good. DH bought a live trap and when he caught one we would take it to the SPCA and they would contact the owner and they would pay a fine and get the cat back. A few times of doing this they got the message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiltlady
    Agree with the moth balls,
    Cheyenne pepper sprinkled in the top layer of soil works also.

    Quote Originally Posted by sally's girl
    Try a few moth balls in or around each pot
    Be careful not to damage your plants. I don't know why people don't keep their animals inside. I've had pets all my life and never allowed them to roam around outside.

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    Love the toothpick idea lol

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