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Thread: Who would you lunch/ dinner with if you had the chance?

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    Super Member Caswews's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Quilting, crocheting, sewing and crafting in my Sewing Room...Peaceful and wonderful !!

    Who would you lunch/ dinner with if you had the chance?

    I was replying to a post recently and thought who would I like to have a wonderful lunch/dinner with if I ever could in my lifetime. Would that person be a living person or someone who has passed?

    I can think of a few people whom I would love to have a luncheon with:
    1. People on the quilt board (count as 1!LOL)
    2. My great great grandmother on my mother's side-for her quilting abilities and ability to laugh (so I was told)
    3. My great great grandmother on my father's side- for her love of life, sewing,crafting and a history lesson or two
    4. Nigella
    5. Katherine Hepburn
    and there are others, but those are my top 5.

    So my question to you all: If you had an all expense paid lunch/dinner: who would you want to have lunch or dinner with ? currently living or deceased.
    When Life brings big winds of change that almost blows you over.Hang on tight and Believe.
    Words and hearts should be handled with care-for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair. Author unknown to me
    Do what you feel in your heart to be right; for you'll be criticized anyway-Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Mar 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    I think all my loved ones who have passed on but then I would be sad again after dinner. I will wait and have my big dinner party when I get to Heaven.

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    Apr 2011
    Bosque County, Texas
    Above all others, Jesus the Christ, then
    1. John the Apostle to ask to explain more fully the Book of Revelation
    2. Albert Einstein
    3. Billy Graham
    4. My Father
    5. 3 children that I miscarried
    6. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
    7. George S Patton
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    My father, my mother, all my siblings at the same time, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Mr. Fred Rogers, Ellen DeGeneres, Jesus Christ. Everyone covers what is important to me: Family, Intelligence-because I could use some more regarding political, life, wealth. I don't think these people would 'dumb me down') Morals and Values, Laughter and Caring, and Faith.

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    Dec 2010
    Chula Vista CA
    My list would be rather long - but while considering spending a lunch time and considering I have a lot of questions about my great grandmother and how she and my great grandfather married in Colorado - bother were from the town of Burlington, Kansas. I would like to spend that time with my great grandmother. (We called her Nanny.)

    My great-grandmother was a seamstress and hat maker. She went to Oklahoma during the Oklahoma land rush to claim land for her brother who was still too young. She was a small person 4'10" tall, but was not frail. It was after she went to Oklahoma and obtained the land, she ended up in Colorado - they were married and returned to Burlington a shot time after that. The reason I knew that much I found an old newspaper article that was announcing their return to Burlington - where she lived until she died. (He died before I was born so never met him.) So I asked my grandmother and she didn't know how they got to Colorado, and neither my mom or her sister knew.

    This little woman was feisty and I would have loved to know more - much more. When we would visit her we were kept away from her - so I grew up thinking she didn't like children. Turns out that wasn't true either. She didn't want us to be kept away - it was our grandmother and my mother trying to protect her from us. (There were 3 of us - I was 6, and my sisters we 8 & 10 when she died at the age of 85. She had been confined to a wheel chair after she broke her hips.) And if I remember correctly it was her father that was a trail boss of wagon trains between Kansas and California.

    We lost so much - if you didn't ask the question no one bothered to tell you anything family related.
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    Super Member jillnjo's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    My paternal grandmother! I never knew her and her life was a sad story as she took her life at age 49, the mother of 10 children. A kind step mother was my "grandma", a she was good to all of us grands. (50 of us!). The family stayed very close, even till today with only 2 children still living. But, almost NOTHING was really ever shared about Grandma and I guess the pain was too great, but I have always wanted to know anything and everything about her! Am I like her?.....anyway, that's who I'd like to set down to dinner with!!

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    Jun 2010
    My mom, who died when I was nine. I would love to be able to meet her as an adult. So much to ask her..

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    Senior Member Ellen's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    First choice would be my mother's father....Papa was my special love. He passed almost 50 yrs ago but I still miss him. Behind the house we lived in was the Penobscot River and on the other side of that was the mill. In the winter, Papa would walk across the logs (trees) frozen in the river to get to work....after the thaw he would have to walk around to go to work or get home. I used to wait for him at the bottom of the hill until I spotted him coming down the sidewalk then I would race up the hill to walk with him the rest of the way home. It was just our special time alone. My mom told me a few yrs back that he loved all babies....it showed too.
    Ellen......I'm gonna go play now



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    Senior Member Scraps's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Did you realize what a heart rendering question this was? I was thinking famous people - Sister Theresa - Oprah, etc., but not some of the bittersweet answers you are getting. Interesting.

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    I am with all those that want to meet relatives that have passed on.
    I would dearly love to see my grandfather again. He died in 1977 and I still dream about him.
    I was closer to him than to any other relative. He and Nannie practically reared me and I was always his favorite grandchild.

    I am working on my family tree and always wish I could talk to my ancestors.
    I always wonder what kind of lives they had.
    Life...you muddle your way through it and then you die!

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