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Thread: Year of the Taupe

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    I LOVE taupes! I have been in love and collecting them for years now. I have been waiting for them to catch on here in America. Right now I am doing the Union square BOM through Pinwheels quilt shop. It is an adaptation of one of Yoko Saito's patterns and it isgreat. I am currently preparing to do another Yoko Saito BOM.
    What is nice about quilts made with Taupes is they can look contemporary, traditional, modern. They easily fit into any decor.

    I am happy that they are becoming more popular. That means greater availability. That also means greater competition for the fabrics that make it over here. That being said, they will probably never be as popular here as they are in Japan. I'm ok with that. I would love to go to Japan and purchase some fabric there. A real dream come true!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTS View Post
    Love lovelovelove!!!
    I have boxes of Daiwabos - still looking for the perfect (and worthy) project.


    There are a few US shops that carry the real stuff, and a number more that carry more commercial lines, like Serenity by EESchenck.
    Actually, the Cara Collection Serenity by EESchenck is designed and printed under contract by Daiwabo in Japan, so they are "real" taupes. The major difference is that EESCO specifies a higher quality of yard goods for their contract than are typically used by Daiwabo.

    Other popular taupes are made by Lecien in Japan, and Daiwabo is attempting to import directly into the USA now, with mixed success.

    EESCO is also coming out with a new taupe line which was designed by their own in-house designers here, and printed under contract by Daiwabo.

    So they're getting more available.

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    I've never seen it before! I really like it! I don't know what I would do with it, but I love the variety..I even liked one that was all taupe..and I'm more of a all "pink and purple" kind of girl

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    I was introduced to taupes by a couple os friends. Love the calmnest it brings to a quilt. I have a small collection and have been able to pick the up at around $5 A yard.
    Www.deltapatchwork.com just had a whole bunch in her clearance section.

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    my LQS www.cherishedpeices.com has a farly large selection of japanese taupes. they are realy pretty and she dosent charge a crazy price eather.

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    http://www.cherishedpieces.com/ (correct link)

    Canadian, but she sells quarter yards cuts online.
    Always a plus to me.

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    (Remember - we're talking about taupes, which are a style of fabric, not the color taupe.)

    Thanks for telling me this, I had no idea what taupes were, I thought it was the color.

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    Well it's all depend what you're working on, Today we don't use the beige or white as much as we use too, so TAUPE, either fabrics or colors, there's no harm in trying in one of your project.

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    Broad range of Taupe

    Quote Originally Posted by QKO View Post
    According to fabric industry blurbs, this is supposed to be "The Year of the Taupe."

    Taupe fabrics, a Japanese style of fabrics featuring a soft color palette and typically high quality screen-printed goods and finish have come on to the radar screen outside Japan in the last several years. Lots of people are discovering them and using them to create beautiful quilts and other projects.

    So, what's your take on taupes? Love them? Hate them? Indifferent? Use them? Never heard of them?

    Quilters sometimes confuse the term "Taupe" with simply the gray/brown color we in the U.S. associate with it. In fact, Taupe is a genre of fabric very popular in Japan as well as many other Asian countries. The Japanese also refer to this genre as "Natural" fabrics. It is not merely gray/brown, but covers the entire color spectrum, and all values from off-white, to pure black.
    Another misconception is equating the name Daiwabo with all Taupe fabrics. Daiwabo is one fabric producer in Japan, similar to RJR, Robert Kaufman, or Clothworks in the U.S. They produce Taupe lines, but also produce many other fabrics (currently not available in the U.S.). It is also common to hear people refer to the Serenity line of fabrics by EE Schenck Co. as Daiwabo. This is not the case. EE Schenck has contracted with Daiwabo to produce the artwork for these fabrics, so the designs are from Daiwabo, but the fabrics are printed on the same underlying gray goods as are other EE Schenck lines, such as Maywood. These are beautiful fabrics, and they are neither better or worse quality than true Japanese Taupe fabrics, merely different. Most of the real Japanese print fabrics are on a somewhat lighter, higher thread count fabric, very popular with the Japanese consumer for handwork and applique. Serenity is printed on a weight of fabric more popular in the U.S. for machine quilting.
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    Ok you guys have me really interested in this. I have never heard of these fabrics. My Son and DIL live almost across the street from a fabric store in Iwakuni, Japan. My DIL doesn't know anything about fabric. She would gladly send me some fabric if I asked. What info do I need to give her? Also are there certain Japanese quilting magazines(in English) I shoud request? Thanks.

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