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  1. HV plantinum 16

    by , Today at 03:23 AM
    New to using P16, having trouble with top thread shredding after sewing a few inches. I have tried to rethread, change to different spools of thread made with different materials.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Ladies dress made out of vintage hankies

    by , Yesterday at 11:50 AM
    Does anyone know how to make the ladie's dress that is made with vintage handkerchiefs? My mother-in-law passed away and had a number of hankies & I wanted to make one of those dresses & frame it for each of my sister-in-laws (4). I saw someone on Etsy that makes them but she said she doesn't sell the pattern. You can only get the dress by sending her a hankie and she will make the dress for $20-$24. Not that they aren't worth it but that's more than I can spend. Any thoughts anyone? ...

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