This is a great idea. I have a daughter who is now 24 and she has a feeding tube and has had it since she was little. I have never really had trouble with leakage, but I'm sure a lot of people do. So...great idea!! I'm sure any Children's Hospital can help you or a pediatric gastroenterologist or if you have a school nearby for children with special needs.... I am sure if you contact any of these places they can help you find homes for your handiwork! I also used to make double sided bandanas with a layer of flannel or cotton batting in between for my daughter and he class mates because drooling is also a big issue... leading to wet shirts and chapped chins....and bibs are so NOT COOL, you know!! ; ) Just a suggestion for the use of larger scraps...and left over batting!! I know that school would be thrilled to have these!