I agree! But I guess the math is a necessary evil. Sometimes my 'figuring' looks like great scientific equations comparable to NASA sending a rocket to the moon. Papers and scraps covered with numbers, calculators, pencils, me with great drops of perspiration flying off my head, numbers floating around in the air above my head, and tears flowing down my cheeks. You'd think that all of that would result in perfectly matched squares and and fabric used to perfection to the very last fraction of an inch. WRONG! The end result is usually me trying to rearrange things so that it will still look like something that was planned to look that way. Quilting? I still love to do it even though I'm not very good at it! I tell everyone that it they think they see some sort of mistake in the quilt, it is not a mistake but that I worked very hard to make it that way. Who's to know LOL