Ditto to everything that has been said. I, too, have Arthritis (they keep checking me for RA but so far they haven't told me the arthritis has progressed to RA but I have it on both sides of my body, can't close my hands most days and hurt all the time but I've learned like everyone else has said .. I wait until my "good" days to do things like cutting which is what I find is hardest on my hands, shoulders and back. I don't (can't) do any hand sewing but that's OK, I never liked handsewing much but as a young woman did alot of hand embroidery which I did like but had to give that up many years ago. Hang in there. Hope your surgery is a HUGE success and that your therapy gives you as much ability to use your hands and fingers as you need for any quilt project you want to do.

Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery.