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Thread: Batting for Quilts..

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    Oct 2011

    Batting for Quilts..

    What is the best batting to use and the easiest??? I am a new quilter ... I know some of the older quilters will know....

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    Super Member Just Me...'s Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    I prefer anything from Quilter's Dream. The kind of batting depends on the way it will be quilted and used. For example: a baby quilt will be washed a lot--I prefer a poly or poly blend for these (or the Dream Angel, which is flame-retardant). Poly has no memory, so it is good for wall quilts or quilts that will be folded up then re-hung. Good old-fashioned cotton is great if you want 'snuggly'.

    Hand quilting? Then, you will want to choose a poly (lo-loft) or a wool batting. These are easier to needle.

    There are so many things to consider when choosing your batting. Remember to read the package of the batting you are using for instructions on laundering and how densely your quilt needs to be quilted for optimum results.

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    Jul 2012
    Long Island
    I always used the cheapest bagged batting I could find until I heard about Warm and Natural. I will never go back. The consistency alone is worth the price. Since it is not cheap, I wait for a cupon and buy enough yardage to last me for several quilts. That being said, I will still make my beach/camping quilts with poly. They get abused and washed beyond reason.
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    I have always used thin poly unless requested otherwise by a customer. I am repairing my own bed quilt (30+ years of hard use) and am amazed at how well the poly batting has held up.

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    Jul 2010
    I use Hobbs 80/20 and really like the weight, way it washes and softness. Here is a link to a discussion about batting.
    http://www.quiltersbee.com/qbfabtip.htm. If you machine quilt and use battng with skrim then you only have to quilt less than 8" apart.

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    Super Member Lori S's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    I like Warm and Natural or Hobbs 80/20. But I prefer cotton as I like the weight for sleeping. If its for warmth and light weight then I use poly. Wool is also a fabulous choice... but my wallet can't hande using it for everything.

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    The batting I'm useing is Quilters Dream poly. I can't say, I've used anything much different. I do alot of hand quilting, and to hand quilt a quilt, with this batting seems to okay with me.

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    Oct 2010
    dayton OH
    I agree w/ the "it depends on the project" theory. I only hand quilt and mostly use Quilters Dream Request - a light weight 100% batting. I don't like poly battings because I do want a little bit of resistance on my needle going thru the batting - it allows me to get my needle positioned where i want it.

    I have used Warm & Natural, but became a Quilters Dream convert.
    my name is becca and i'm a quilt-a-holic :-)

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    Feb 2009
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    each individual project deserves it's own consideration-when choosing batting-just like when choosing fabric & pattern- there are many many wonderful batts on the market to choose from-there is no (ALWAYS USE THIS ONE)---
    i may use 5 or 6 different batts in any given month- and everyone has their favorites.
    I love wool batting- but it's on the expensive side & i generally use it for pretty special gift quilts (like wedding gifts)
    poly batts hold up well for lots of use/laundered alot/ utility quilts---great choice for kids quilts
    cotton batts add that (crumply) old fashioned look to quilts when they are laundered-
    some batts need to be quilted every 2" (best suited for quite dense machine or hand quilting) some batts allow up to 10" between quilting lines (like warm & natural- which works well for even tied quilts- very difficult to hand quilt though)
    the best way to start is READ THE PACKAGING -- choose a batting that sounds like what you need-is priced reasonably in your budget- and try it out- then next quilt- try out something else you find on sale- or someone recommends---after a bit with some experience (and experimentation) you will decide what you like/don't like in a batt- and what works best FOR YOU---just rememeber if you buy a thin cotton batting that needs to be quilted every 2"- and you do very little quilting-leave large unquilted areas- when it is laundered the batting will pull apart- ball up & leave you with areas with no batting-other areas with gobs of batting-
    it is important to follow the recommended quilting requirements. beyond that the sky is the limit
    my fav's---any batt from the dream company--ie: dream poly, dream green, dream orient, dream wool, ...the list goes on-
    after that---most of the Hobb's batts- heirloom, 80/20, wool
    i pretty much never use Warm & natural (except when that is what customers bring in for their quilts- it does have it's 'followers' who never use anything else)
    but there are many to try out & choose from- in every price range-from ridiculously expensive to dirt cheap...
    watch sales & try out batts- it is a wonderful world
    hiding away in my stash where i'm warm, safe and happy

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    Apr 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    A good discussion ... I'd also be interested in knowing more about bamboo ... I saw it in a store and thought it was so cuddly and inviting, au naturel! The clerks really knew nothing about it (jobber store, not an LQS)

    So please do tell ..... bamboo, pros and cons!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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