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Thread: Beginner! Snowball quilt's corners problem. HELP!

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    Super Member margecam52's Avatar
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    You don't cut the corners off and reuse them, you take one of the 4-1/2" squares, draw a diagonal line (for instance: from upper left corner to lower right corner) from one corner to the oposite diagonal corner. Repeat for ALL 4-1/2" squares...I use a regular, cheapo mechanical pencil for this. Mark lightly. If it's too dark of a fabric, get a white colored pencil, or fabric marker.

    Next, lay one of the 4-1/2" squares onto the corner of the 8-1/2" square, matching the edges exactly.

    Sew exactly on the drawn line. You can then cut off the extra on the corner, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat for the other corners.

    HINT: Instead of just tossing the cut off parts of the corners, I first do a 2nd line of stitching 1/2" from the first (toward the corner edge)...then cut the edge piece off, leaving 1/4" seam allowance...you get an automatic half square triangle you can use elsewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by TaraW View Post
    Hi Ladies!

    I am trying my first "snowball" pattern quilt. I'm using the first photo/website link below for my design/inspiration. The problem is--when I cut all the corners off the squares, then re-sew mis-matched corners back on to the octagon to re-make the "square"...the corners are too small creating a mess of a square that's all not fit to quilt with.

    Am I supposed to now TRIM the "square" down, making it square again? What am I doing wrong? I'm thinking there's no real way to make this work without trimming it waaaaaaay down after re-sewing on the corners. Hummm.....

    Snowball quilt image
    Snowball Quilt instructions i'm TRYING to follow

    Image of my messed up attempt at this (feel free to laugh hysterically...)

    thanks for the help!!
    My background: This is only the 2nd quilt I've ever made. The first was just a very simple square pattern/BASIC quilt I made for my baby nephew. This snowball one is meant for my mom! I've never sewed before in my whole life before this so take it easy on me! My only experience is going to the local Beverly's on craft nights to learn how to thread my machine and learn very basic quilting skills.

    Here is a photo of the 1st quilt I completed for my nephew!
    Julian's Quilt Image
    Marge Campbell
    TL18LS/Qbot automated quilter

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    You now have a design opportunity depending upon how my squares you pre-cut the corners off of. You could:
    1. square up the incorrectly sewn snowball squares and use them in another project;
    2. square up the larger squares that you have already cut the corners off of and (squares will now be smaller) and start over makeing smaller snowball blocks. This will result in a smaller quilt or if you have enough fabrick to coordinate just add more blocks to make the size you intended.

    Make it a learning experience and move on!
    Keep smiling, it makes others wonder what you're up to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
    A simple fix here ... DO NOT cut any corners til you sew!

    Take the 2-1/2" square and draw a diagonal line across the square.
    Set the square on top of the corner of your larger square that will become the snowball.
    Stitch on the line.
    Then after you cut the excess off, leaving 1/4" for the seam.

    If the small square has set squarely on the large square as you sewed, once you flip the piece over and press it, you should have a square corner.

    Continue on for all four corners!

    Good Luck!! ...
    My first quilt was with snow balls. I would highly recommend starching your fabric. You are working with bias and when you press you could contort your square. There is a difference between pressing and ironing, and starch helps prevent mis-shaped blocks.
    The Quilting Bear

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    Now that you have lots of suggestions - let me first say - been there, done that!! Welcome to the club!!! And I learned to make a sample block before cutting all my fabric ~ as you just did!......

    I'd make the quilt center smaller by trimming off 1/4" on all sides of the snowball block. That'll make everything work again. That is what you did by cutting the triangles in half to begin w/. Do this w/ only one block to make sure you have the right stuff. While time consuming - I'd do one piece at a time to maintain my accuracy.

    Definitely starch when pressing to prevent stretching of the biases....I also throw a pin in there to prevent me from stretching even further.

    If you need to make the quilt bigger, add an additional border in there.....

    I cut as I go now because of getting burned a couple times....You'll be fine - breathe!!
    my name is becca and i'm a quilt-a-holic :-)

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    And then after you sew and cut the corners off,you can not use the cut off corners on another large square of the same size.You can use them on another project with smaller[large] squares.Think about it.After you cut the corners off,you have a smaller triangle then will fit on the origional size large square because you have used part of the origional size[of the triangle] for seam allowance.Clear as mud??????????

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    I don't know if you are still having trouble with snowballing a block but I sure did until I stopped using little squares and used strips of fabric. What a difference that made! Just put a rectangle of fabric diagonally across the corner then sew & trim away the excess. Worked like a charm! Good luck!

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    you can add larger triangles to those cut corners. press and then trim square again. don't fret, it will work out. you learn as you go!!

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