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Thread: Biscuit Quilts

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    This is google images lots of puff

    andhttp://images.google.com/images?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=HPIC,HPIC:2005-18,HPIC:en&q=puff%20quilts&oe=UTF-8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi some webs

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    This is the way I remember (vaguely) of making puff quilts.
    1. Cut the base size of your choice, say 4 1/2", out of muslin.
    2. Cut the top piece larger, you would just have to try this part because I don't remember the size.
    It needed to be enough larger than the base to be able to make a pleat or fold in the fabric, on all four sides.
    I would say somewhere close to an inch larger than the muslin, to allow for the pleat. Just pin at the 4 corners, and pleat what is left between the pins.
    Leave a small area of seam open so you can stuff a piece of poly batt between the muslin and the top.
    You could do the stuffing with the needle down, and then just finish sewing the seam.
    I would probably start my seam just shy of the corner, sew around, leaving the corner open to stuff, and then finish sewing around the corner.
    3. You sew these together strip fashion, and then sew the strips together.
    You don't use a whole lot of stuffing, just enough to make it pop up in the center.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathy
    Quote Originally Posted by PatriceJ
    Quote Originally Posted by kathy
    :oops: I forgot to look. i will tie a string around my neck..I mean my finger to do it tonite
    try your toe. it's the latest fashion statement
    don't you think it would draw attention away from all the rings
    at least the tattoos and hair would be less noticeable

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    Try Mc Calls pattern book, Thats where I got mine, I made a queen size one about 5yrs ago. They are heavy, Come in handy for a sleeping blanket on the floor, Kinda like the old use of pallet on the floor.

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    New Jersey
    I made 2 baby puff quilts this winter. I didn't have a pattern.

    1. I cut the base squares at 4 inches.
    2. The top squares were 4.5 inches.
    3. I used 1/2 cup of poly-fil to stuff the puffs. I measured the ploy-fil because I wanted the puffs to be pretty uniform in size (puffiness).
    4. Take a square of muslin and place your fabric right side up on the muslin.
    5. Sew three sides of the muslin/fabric layers using a seam allowance smaller than 1/4 inch. Make pleats near the center of each side as you sew.
    6. Stuff the pillow with 1/2 cup of poly-fil, then sew up the last side. Whatever size you decide on don't stuff the puffs too much or it will become very difficult to sew them together.
    7. After sewing all the puffs, I laid them out on a flat surface to position them in a pattern. These happened to be random.
    8. Sew the puffs into strips, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. (making the finished puff 3.5 inches).
    9. I finished the 2 quilts differently. One method is to sew all the strips together into one piece. Prepare your back by measuring it to the same size as the quilt top. Place the back and top right sides together and sew around the quilt, leaving a space to turn the quilt right side out. After turning, finish the seam by hand. I then did some spot hand stitching to anchor the back to the front so that it would not flap around.
    The other method is a little more compicated. I sewed the strips into pairs. This made larger strips of 7.5 inches. I cut the backing into 7.5 inch strips and attached the backing as I sewed the paired strips together. This leaves all the outside edges unfinished. I used a pre-ruffled (I think that it was Wright's) quilt binding to finish the edges.

    You can make the squares any size you want. Just don't stuff them too full or you will have trouble joining the strips.

    Hope this helps. If you need more info I'll see if I can help


    Here are some links that I found helpful





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    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss!

    My sister and I went through one last May. She was a 9 yr. old red Doberman and her name was Penny. She was such a character, we called her a redhead and that she was the "Reddest of the Red, Red Heads!"

    We adopted another "Red One" (EmmaLee) last September, and while she is NOTHING like Penny, she kept our blk/tn 12yr Doberman Mahana and nearly ten year old "Rotterman", (we believe she's half Rottweiller and half Doberman), Stormy on their toes.

    Mahana was very creaky, but would play with her! Then, ten days after my parents lost their 10+ Standard Poodle this January, Mahana passed away in our (veterinarian) father's arms while we were visiting him at their home. (She ADORED him, and seemed to completly forget my sister and I were alive when Dad was there, so the circumstances sure helped Dawn and I to feel better about it.) It was so quick! Frankly, that's the best way to go.

    Anyway, enough prattling on, I can't wait to see your new "baby"!
    Please do post a photo!


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    ok it's McCalls #7164

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    Ruthie, I'm glad you are getting another dog. They bring such joy to a home. I have three now. They break your heart when they are gone, but are so worth the heartache. Tell us about your new baby.

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    Here is one I made for the queen bed in my guest room.

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