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Thread: Blazing Star Assemby Help Needed!

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    Could you explain this method? I haven't started mine and would like to avoid the
    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Quilter View Post
    Sorry to hear you've already cut the diamonds! Ouch! Much easier to strip piece and then cut a 60 deg. angle. That said...when matching your diamonds, you will need to line up your edges but have 'ears' on both ends. Each ear should be 1/4" past the other diamond.

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    If fabric was cut for one block, then toss it into the scrap bin and start over using an easier method.
    Got fabric?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratz29 View Post
    Could you explain this method? I haven't started mine and would like to avoid the

    Even with the strip sets you still end up having a Y seam to deal with. Best trick that I know for those is to stop sewing 1/4" from inside edge on both sides of the Y. There is also a method where you end up with a seam on the diagonal of what would be the large inset corner. Can't recall instructions for that but can look for it if you're interested. I personally don't like the look of the seam there but it does work.

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    It has been a while sense this was posted but maybe someone will get a use out of this video with Eleanor Burns doing the Blazing Star.


    I don't have the site but Kayewood and Missouri Star Quilt did tutorials on the Blazing star as well.
    Good Luck and have fun
    Quilting Mad in Mansfield, Ohio

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    I found it a lot easier to do strip piecing and then cutting on an angle. Good luck. I know it will be pretty when it is done.

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    The little dots they have you mark...those are seam allowance dots...On the back of one of the diamonds, use a ruler to mark a 1/4" pencil line along the long sides of the diamond...go all the way to the edge...mark lightly so you don't stretch the fabric. The lines will cross at the sides and tips...The exact spot where they cross...that's where the diamond 1/4" seams should line up.
    I find this marking of the stitching lines to give a better result than just marking that dot.
    I mark all the diamonds on the back with the stitching line.
    Remember, when you line up the dot/crosspoint (depending on how you do them)...the tips of the diamonds don't line up exactly...they should overlap 1/4". You start stitching in the "v" of where the tips stick out...and that should put your needle right on the lines you drew, stich an inch or so, stop and check the line on the underside piece...adjust if not being stitched on.
    Yes, it takes a lot more time..but results in a perfect result every time. I now sometimes will do the center part (which is a lemoine star, by the way) without lines drawn...I can now eye what the 1/4" overlap should be. But if I do that throughout...I end up a bit wonky.
    Look up how to do a Lemoine Star...that will help with all the diamond construction in this pattern.

    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth_agd View Post
    I am trying the http://www.mccallsquilting.com/patte....html?idx=7917 for the blazing star. I have no idea how to piece the diamonds. I can't find any tutorial either and the instructions are so vague. I've already cut the pieces as per the instructions (individual diamonds). Help, please! So frustrated!!
    Marge Campbell
    TL18LS/Qbot automated quilter

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    Great sites to watch from Martina. Good review and new techniques to try!

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