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Thread: Can someone please identify this block?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoisM View Post
    Sorry if this is a dumb question but do you mean this is only a 6" block when completed (or are those ratios)?
    The 6x6 refers to the grid. (I would have written 6"x6" if I was referring to the size).
    When resizing or drafting blocks, whether on a scratch pad, graph paper, or quilt design software, you always have to figure out the grid first - otherwise you're just spinning your wheels.

    Once you can SEE the grid, it's all basic math - really, really basic math - no matter how math challenged you think you are.

    Just remember you're always dealing with FINISHED sizes, and once those are worked out, you can add back the seam allowances for cutting measurements.

    The final size of the block is determined by what YOU decide you want the grid measurement to be.
    Or the reverse - you know what size you what the FINISHED block to be, so you divide that by 6 to get the grid square size.

    Obviously, if you're doing it the latter way, working with numbers that are easily divisible by 6 makes life a lot easier.
    This would be a great 12" FINISHED block, or 6" FINISHED (although some of the pieces are pretty small but workable).
    9" FINISHED would work as well - the grid square would be 1.5" .

    Making this as a 10" FINISHED block - doable, but not so much fun.


    Quote Originally Posted by vanginney View Post
    IAnyway, looked up my Thimbleberries pattern and is a 12.5 finished block called 'Painted Daisy'

    When QM posted her rendition, I noticed her grid was 7x7.
    Again, I don't have any books so I can't check, I wasn't familiar with the block before, but I worked off the picture as shown ....it's entirely possible it could have been cropped (although I really like these proportions), and was originally larger.

    Either way, neither of the renditions (6x6 or 7x7) nicely works up to a 12.5 FINISHED block.
    Although the 6x6 can easily work up to a 12.5 UNFINISHED block.

    The process for making your own block, whatever the size, is the same.
    As long as they're all the same size, who cares what the book or pattern says? ;-)

    I can't say I'd personally use 4" for a grid square.
    I like a more complex look to my blocks/quilts - heck, if I'm going through the trouble of piecing them - and you don't get that with super-sized blocks.
    Nor do you get to see any of the secondary patterns that might develop.

    The interesting thing about this particular block, depending on the coloration, is that it almost looks like transparencies are created by the expanding motifs as it works its way to the outside edges.
    You can create some nice effects via the 5 colors in each block.
    Going around the color wheel - I chose three - Blue- Green -Yellow for colors 1-3-5, and then a Blue/Green and Green/Yellow for colors 2 and 4.

    And just for fun, I put the blocks on point:
    Name:  PaintedDaisy1.JPG
Views: 883
Size:  29.0 KB
    Here's a version with warmer colors:
    Name:  PaintedDaisy2.JPG
Views: 885
Size:  27.6 KB

    @Lois -
    Great find.
    I've got a ton of hand-dyed gradiations (my own and purchased).
    I've been looking for something "worthy" enough to make me cut into them.
    This block may be it.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Thank you JustABit, QM, vanginney and MTS. You're all so amazing. I really appreciate the time it took to write out your explanation, MTS, and your examples are stunning.

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    Maybe this is picky, but the right upper corner block in the Pinterest photo appears to be incorrectly pieced. Love the pattern though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanginney View Post
    I have made this block before in the 90s. Funny how I can remember this but not what I did last week! Anyway, looked up my Thimbleberries pattern and is a 12.5 finished block called 'Painted Daisy' I only made one as the quilt was a flower sampler.
    Thimbleberries also called this something else. I guess the good thing about her is she repeated so many patterns in her books, you are bound to be able to find it! If memory serves me correctly, she called it a Prairie Flower in an individual pattern....don't remember.

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    i love the oclors

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    PAsister: I see what you mean by the block being placed wrong on the top right hand corner. It won't affect the overall look of the pattern, but it is differently placed than the others. The other way to fix that would be to do the bottom left corner to follow the pattern of the others. That way they would all flow around the block the same way.
    Mavita - Square dancer and One Room School Teacher

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    I'm sorry I can't identify the block, but the block is beautiful, especially with the mixture of light/medium/dark in the block. I would try quilterscache and you might find it - they have dozens of blocks . Good luck.

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    Thimbleberries Beautiful Blocks for Beautiful Quilts, Lynette Jensen

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    very pretty block.

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